API Development

API Development

What is API and Why Is It Important?

API (Application Programming Interface software) is a set of instructions, standards or requirements that enables a software or app to employ features/services of another app, platform or device for better services. In short, it’s something that lets apps communicate with each other.

For example, when we hit the ‘Connect Facebook’ button on Candy Crush, it does not ask us to enter our Facebook account details. Rather, it accesses the data from the Facebook server and lets us enjoy playing – all thanks to API.

An API is the base of all the apps that deal with data or enable communication between two products or services. It empowers a mobile application or platform to share its data with other apps/platforms and ease the user experience without involving the developers. On the top of it, APIs eliminate the need to build a similar program or platform from scratch; you can use the existing one or some other app/platform. Because of these factors, both app developers and business leaders focus on the API development process.



Custom API Development

DevCom’s custom APIs development services securely extend the functionality of your application with new and existing third-party systems and devices. We provide clean and well-structured programming code, use the best development tools, and build high-performance APIs.


Third-party API Integration

We integrate third-party APIs to harness data and feature sharing in your applications. We are pro in web API integration between diverse software components, technologies, and programs: integration with Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Amazon, social media, and communication applications; integration with JS, XML, RESTful APIs, and much more.



Cloud and Intranet API Integration

We help businesses to build, analyze, operate, and scale APIs in secure environments. API management can be delivered on-premises, through the cloud, or using a hybrid on-premises – SaaS (Software as a Service) approach.


Different API Types and Purposes

Building web and mobile APIs, we use the latest representational state transfer (REST) and resource-oriented architecture (ROA) styles. We create APIs which enable payments and appointments being made, finding geolocations, etc. to enrich your web and mobile functionality.

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