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The time people spend on mobile apps daily is growing rapidly every year. According to recent research, an average adult spends around two and a half hours on a smartphone. Out of which, the majority of time is spent on social media, streaming applications, and other core functional applications like maps, phones, and messaging. Mobile app features play an important role here!


For brands, the online market is one of the best places on earth to grow. The opportunities to attract sales in the online market never end. The strategy to succeed here is simple: you have to engage your consumers to shop for your products. Despite being simple, growing a business online is no child’s play. 


First of all, there are over 2 million-plus apps on the Google play store and iOS store; hence you have to outshine in a highly competitive environment. Secondly, designing an effective mobile application is very difficult. So, to help you guys out, we have an ultimate compilation of the 5 best mobile app features that can help you create robust mobile apps. Here we go!


#1. Minimize Search Effort and Share “To the Point” Information:

There are lots of apps providing tons of information related to a specific field in the digital age. You have to be prepared and defeat the best when the concern is about mobile applications. Provide users with a search option and filters to guide them directly to what they’re looking for. It will significantly increase conversion rate.

Provide to the point information because Modern age users know what they want; hence you have to sell them what they need. To effectively win the market, you will have to make users understand the need for your product. You might bring in some advanced technology in your application, but it doesn’t matter if your users don’t have the information or knowledge to use it.


Minimize Search Efforts Providing Search Filters



#2. Provide Better Utility & Unique User-Experience than Web App Version:

One of the prominent reasons why the majority of brands launch their applications is copying market policy. If you want to make a mobile app because all your competitors are doing it, then it is evident that you will end up wasting both time and money. 


When creating mobile applications, it is paramount that you understand the difference between an app and an e-commerce website. Firstly, users don’t need similar applications in their app; hence your app must be unique, which users must prioritize to retain. According to recent research, people tend to uninstall or delete applications that they can browse on the internet. 

You must provide utility or value to your customers through a mobile application. It might come in the form of service or mobile app features that they cannot find on the internet, or it can be an entertainment utility or enhance the user experience by reducing the time they used to spend on other apps. The success formula in mobile applications is quite simple: you have to be unique and elegant to be successful. 


Keep Mobile App as Priority while designing UI



#3. Keep Things Simple:

When the concern is about engaging consumers in a nutshell, you will have to keep your mobile application easy and simple. One of the leading reasons people delete a mobile application is that they don’t want to use it anymore because the user interface is quite complicated. At the same time, your app’s retention chances are also low despite being in use consistently. 


Minimizing stress and clicks is the only way you can improve your chances of retention. For example, you can use the Netflix app, which delivers an incredible user experience across all streaming devices. Users can easily find their interests and can enjoy hassle-free streaming. When creating mobile applications, you will have to understand that users don’t have to mouse and keyboard for navigation; hence you will have to limit clicks and boost swipes. 


Keep the Mobile App User Interface Simple



#4. Provide Personalization Using AI, ML:

To verify the importance of customized experience, you can pick 5 of your favorite mobile apps from your phone to find out how much hard work brands are doing to provide customized experiences. In order to win in the highly competitive market, you will have to prioritize personalization. You can use various demographics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence trends or take help from a data analyst who can help you understand different users’ behavior patterns. For example, Spotify offers the best personalized user experience by offering the best song recommendations. The algorithm used by Spotify has marked a crucial space for personalization in the digital world. 


Customized Experiences Is All You Need



#5. Battery Optimization (One of the Effective Mobile App Features):

There are amazing mobile applications available on both Google play store and apple’s iOS store. Unfortunately, they remain unnoticed because they drain a lot of the device’s battery. When building a mobile app, you will have to install the right battery preservation techniques to help your end-user. 


Work on Right Battery Preservation Techniques


At the end of the day, your mobile application must live upto the expectations of your users. All your features and navigation must be user-centric, login & authentication details must be secured to win the market. 


Creating an app is not as easy as a child’s play, nor is it as difficult as rocket science. Building a robust application requires creative minds and technical proficiency. We, Bofin Coders specialize for Mobile App Development. We blend Artificial intelligence, creativity, and the best skill-set to carve some of the best apps available on earth.

The majority of property buyers from the millennial generation love to complete their research online which has increased the demand for mobile apps for real estate businesses like never before. Mobile apps have become an everyday solution for humans, not only for real estate, but from shopping for groceries to attending virtual meets. Everything can be done in a short span of time.


We are a highly renowned real estate app development company serving various clients across the US and the entire globe. We offer creative solutions to modern problems, helping dealers adapt to rapidly changing expectations of property sellers and buyers. Whether you want to build a simple real estate app that you want to serve as an extension of your website or build an entirely new setup to enter the highly competitive market with full force, we are here to help.


Real Estate App Future


How Real Estate Apps Are Carving A New Shape To The Real Estate Industry:


According to the National Association of Realtors report, over 70% of property buyers prefer to use their mobile phones or tablets to search for the right property. At the same time, some of the top real estate dealers from the market are moving online to adapt to the rapidly shifting market. We help diverse real estate stakeholders in catering real estate mobile solutions to home buyers and sellers.



We exactly know what requirements are necessary to build professional real estate apps for Android and iOS. Our real estate mobile app service enables advanced cutting-edge technologies that can help consumers shop for the best properties to buy, sell, or rent. Our real estate app helps in driving audience engagement and delivers transparency and convenience to the customers.


Advantages of Real Estate Mobile Applications:


Real Estate App Development Advantages

1) Generating Leads:

An effective mobile application can drive a large number of potential buyers and sellers to your brand, which can increase opportunities, and the result would be a lot of profit.


2) Rule The Ocean:

A real estate business app will connect you to the global market of buyers and sellers, and dealing with international clients will definitely help your portfolio.


3) Inventory Management Looks Quite Easy:

Being the leading real estate mobile app leader, our application can help you manage multiple brokers and clients with ease. The application will also help you cover cost, size, amenities, and neighbourhoods to help you gather vital data for your business.


4) Partner With Latest Technology:

We combine next-generation cutting-edge technology with real estate mobile solutions to make things easier. Partnering your conventional business with modern technology can help in generating ROI.


Features of Real Estate App Development:


1) Full Stack Real Estate App Development:

Our team of app developers exactly know what it takes to create a conversion-friendly real estate app development. We provide innovative solutions and smart ideas which provide a competitive advantage to all our clients. We also share prototypes and working models associated with the project. We also test your app until you are satisfied.


2) Tracking App’s Performance Using Reports:

Your real estate app’s development needs supervision at every stage of growth. We love to share transparent pictures with our clients to ensure that you always stay on top of the game.


3) Secured Payment Gateway:

Your app must be secured and well-protected from cyber-attacks to ensure that all your customer’s complete stress-free transactions.


4) Mobile App Consultation:

Do you want to share your brand’s vision in the digital space with experts? Here you can consult with a team of real estate app developers who can provide concrete suggestions to improve your real estate apps features.


5) Property Management Apps:

We are also skilled in developing apps that make property management easy. With our app, societies can get a platform to schedule, manage, and monitor various tasks.


6) App Maintenance And Support:

Get a chance to work with the world’s finest real estate developers who are available round the clock. We also provide timely updates and bug fixes to keep your business app up-to-date.


Have a Brilliant Idea in Your Mind?


Let’s get in touch!


Boffin Coders are the name behind successful real estate mobile applications as we help our clients in building robust real estate mobile applications. We connect real estate stakeholders to potential consumers with few clicks on smartphones.


Feel free to share your brand’s vision to do our best to provide value to your plan at info@boffincoders.com or give us a missed call at +91 95699-95399.

Undoubtedly, smartphones have changed the way we think, live, and spend our time. From bed to cars, we use them everywhere. In the digitally dependent age, companies that maintain a consistent online presence have the opportunity to grab a large number of customers. Online services also attract a lot of profits towards the brand-boosting sales and overall growth of a business. Today, we will learn about seven interesting features of a car dealership app which every auto buyer must know before investing.

The same formula also applies to car dealership apps as they help in engaging customers within the company. Creating customer-oriented and convenient mobile applications can help car dealers in attracting loyal customers and rapidly boost sales.

Why Prioritize Car Dealership Smartphone Applications?


Why Prioritize Car Dealership Smartphone Applications

Many experts and critics debate that car dealership mobile applications are quite hyped and believe that most auto buyers love to be conventional and shop offline. According to the recent statistics from the United States census bureau, the online market accounts for 4.2% of car sales this year. On the other hand, 60% (Approximately) of millennials believe that their favorite brands must have an easy-to–sc scan app to make shopping easy. The trend of the car dealership app is rapidly increasing, which will end the communication barrier between car dealers and customers. There are many car dealership apps available in the market. Take a look at Top 20 Car Dealership Apps to Buy & Sell Cars


Importance of Car Dealership App:


Importance of Car Dealership App


  • Branding:

A robust car dealership app loaded with AI or Artificial Intelligence-based features can help in attracting consumers. We all love to use an app with user-friendly designs and UI. At the same time, push notifications, and localized advertisements will boost the trust between car dealers and customers.


  • Customer Queries:

A car dealership app is an online showroom; hence you must ensure that every customer visiting your digital showroom is not disappointed. You can add information like pricing, inventory, discounts, details, and services in the app.


  • Customized Campaigns:

One of the prominent advantages of having a mobile app is it offers a customized user interface and campaigns to enhance credibility. Modern car dealership apps also send personalized notifications to all the users, which leads to customer retention.


7 Features of Car Dealership App:


1) Linking Customers:

Every customer loves to enjoy customer-oriented service, leading to a powerful client-to-client base, making it easy to manage sales and business for car dealers.

Car Dealership Apps help in Linking Customers


2) User Profile:

Nowadays, every mobile app or every website we use demands signup or login before getting access to the service. The same applies to a car dealership app where you offer all your customers to feed in their queries to provide personalized features. Having client information and queries will offer a client-based approach to all your customers.

Customized User Profile in Car Dealership App


3) Geo-Fencing:

It is a location-based feature that most auto dealers use to attract customers on their go. For example, you can alert about the nearest service center through smartphone push notifications. Auto dealers can also use geofencing to provide discounts and offers to customers availing of their service.

Geo Fencing to attract Customers


4) Information:

Well, it is one of the main reasons why your customer is using your dealership app. You can provide a lot of location-based information to retain invaluable customers.

Car Dealership Apps provide Location Based Information


5) Social Media Integration:

An app without social media is quite similar to a pot without a flower; hence integrating every possible social media site will help auto dealers boost customer count.

Social Media Integration


6) Booking:

Customers can buy new cars by trading in their old vehicle to the dealer in few clicks with a user-friendly dealership app.

Booking is easy with Car Dealership Apps


7) Chat:

All your customers must stay connected to your brand and your 24 x 7 dealership app; you need to accomplish client connectivity. You can also equip the app with chatbots that will offer answers to basic questions.

Chatbox integration

Apart from the above-mentioned features there are also various features like feedback, location based advertisements and much more interesting stuff to offer through a car dealership app.


To build your own car dealership app for your Auto business, just drop in your message at info@boffincoders.com, or feel free to share your vision at +91-95699-95399.

If you are in the automobile market for the first time, buying or selling a used car is not easy. You will have to prepare yourself for various dealership showrooms trips and hang with multiple managers and sales executives. If you don’t have to spend time negotiating with dealers, there is also a better and contemporary option – Car Dealership Apps.

You can move online as it is a convenient way to shop for cars from the comfort of your couch. By now, you must be well aware of what we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about intelligent car dealership apps. One of the best advantages of having a car dealership app is there is no need to move a single muscle as you can buy a new car in just a few clicks.


Here are the top 20 car dealership apps and their details:


Car Gurus:

Car Gurus is an app that helps both car buyers and sellers to buy and sell cars at an affordable range of prices. The app is well-built with a powerful search engine where you can also search for a vehicle based on the make and model. You can find various deals and vehicles for sales here.


Car Gurus - Car Dealership App | Boffin Coders



Buying or Selling Cars Using Kelly Blue Book:

There is no doubt that Kelly Bluebook is one of the best car apps for all buyers and sellers. The app is famous for offering accurate pricing information about various vehicles. You also get real-time access to blue book pricing. The app provides instant car related information.


Kelly Blue Book - Car Dealership App | Boffin Coders



If you have doubts about the vehicle’s history, CarFax is one of the most useful apps for knowing a car’s history. One of the best advantages of the app is it provides all the services at zero cost. Most car dealers use the app to save their investment from going in vain.


CarFax - Car Dealership App | Boffin Coders



If you are looking for a professional car dealership app to find various tools to find the best car at the right price, the Edmunds app is made for you. You can also calculate your monthly rental and save your research.


Edmunds - Car Dealership App


Auto Gravity:

Finding the right car at the best prices is one of the critical advantages of Auto Gravity. On the other hand, finding a loan is quite difficult in the app. Auto gravity is a confident and reliable app for buying cars.


Auto Gravity - Car Dealership App



If you cannot find the right finance option for the vehicle in Auto Gravity, you will find it in the Blinker. You can shop for cars, trucks, SUVs and semi-trucks from qualified dealers in America. Blinker also guides all the buyers and offers a unique and user-friendly interface.


Blinker - Car Dealership App


True Car: 

The True car is an intelligent car dealership app for all the intelligent car buyers who don’t overwhelm with exciting discounts and sale images. The elegant user interface and modernized features of the app make it perfect for the app.



True Car - Car Dealership App


Car Max:

Car Max auto dealership app is quite popular for stable pricing and also offers negotiation for budget buyers. You can also read vehicle history reports and reviews about multiple vehicles.


Car Max - Car Dealership App


Auto Trader:

Auto trader is a smart location-based car dealership app that helps all the buyers in finding and comparing various models in your local region. You can also save your information, contact local dealers, and get classic numbers.


Auto Trader - Car Dealership App



Cars.com offers similar tools like CarFax but its unique comparison tool where you can compare three tools at one time makes it special.


Cars.com - Car Dealership App


I See Cars:

I See Cars app is quite similar to Snapchat, where you can get various filters and photos free of cost. Car buyers get 59 different filters to find what they need with an amazing analysis tool. You also get honest dealer ratings, but you will have to compromise with annoying advertisements.


I See Cars - Car Dealership App


Auto List:

As Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the human cell, the Auto list is the powerhouse of auto dealers. The app claims to offer more than 24.5 million selections of both used and new cars. The app is also quite easy to use and also offers various statistics associated with the vehicle.


Auto List - Car Dealership App



Craigslist is an innovative auto dealership app helping buyers in contacting private dealers and their websites. Auto buyers can use various filters and shop for the best car which fits their budget.


Craigslist - Car Dealership App


Credit Karma: 

Currently, buying cars is not an easy job, and a poor credit score can exert tons of pressure and financial burden with higher interest rates. The credit karma app is a free tool that helps all auto shoppers by providing customized recommendations.


Credit Karma - Car Dealership App


Used Car Search Pro: 

If you are not a rookie auto buyer and have a clear idea about what type of car you want, then a used car search pro is the best place to start. The app provides various listings of both private and authorized dealers in your locality.


Used Car Search Pro - Car Dealership App


Consumer Reports:

Consumer reviews or reports is not a new name in the industry as anyone can buy or sell cars using the app. The app provides detailed reviews about both used and new cars, which helps auto shoppers categorize their needs by understanding the vehicle.


Consumer Reports - Car Dealership App



If you want to trade in your old vehicle and buy a new car by paying for the difference, the Carvana app and you are made for each other. The app has a diversified inventory consisting of various vehicles. The app also covers various aspects lie model, make, age, and fuel efficiency.


Carvana - Car Dealership App



Fair is not a conventional car buying app, but it is a new app with a new concept that makes it fair for auto shoppers. You can choose the vehicle of your choice and pay 1000 USD every month until you use the car.


Fair - Car Dealership App


Insta Motor: 

Insta motor is an interactive platform that connects auto buyers and sellers effectively. The app doesn’t provide room for cars from auto dealers but helps auto sellers and buyers by organizing a private sale.


Insta Motor - Car Dealership App


NADA Values:

NADA Values is a specialized app designed for car valuation and sales. You can also trace a vehicle’s past by entering the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.


NADA Market - Car Dealership App


The digital auto market will soon emerge as a leading sector, driving a lot of sales and liquidity in the industry. One of the main reasons behind the rapid development is the automobile market is always open for new technologies making drives easier. Utilizing apps can add value to your research and can also clear doubts associated with the vehicle.

The rapidly increasing numbers of mobile users on earth have completely changed the way we used mobile applications. A few years back, most of us spent our time on social media apps. Still, most of the millennial generation is focused on AI or multiplayer-based games, and nothing is permanent in the digital world.

According to a recent search, there are nearly 3.8 billion smartphone users all across the globe, which means serious competition among mobile app development companies. Your brand’s app needs to get regular upgrades and fixes to stay at Google Play Store’s top charts and apple’s iOS store.

Did You Know: An average person can only stay 7-10 minutes away from their phone and all of us spend 90% of our smartphone time on apps.

Hybrid mobile app development is the new trend in mobile app development which has changed the fortune for app developers by making complicated tasks easy. It is also quite excited these days; hence we will learn about hybrid app development and why it is so popular in the modern generation.


What Is Hybrid Mobile App Development?


Hybrid mobile app development makes it easy for developers to run various applications like windows, iOS, and android with a single code base.

When creating hybrid applications, developers create a single code bar that runs efficiently on all the platforms. In simple words, they need only to write the code once and use it on all the platforms.

Thanks to the sophisticated group of tools that makes an easy collaboration between web view and native platform. Moreover, the modern-day hybrid apps also offer a native app-like experience.

Now that you guys are clear with what hybrid apps are let us overview their working methodology.


How Do Hybrid Apps Work?


As the name suggests, hybrid apps are a dynamic combination of both web and native applications. Generally, developers use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build hybrid applications.

Once the code is written in any of the languages mentioned earlier, it is wrapped up within a native application like React Native or Iconic that are open-source frameworks. Hybrid apps are not built like native apps, which only work on a single operating system and only on specific languages. They are also readily available on the embedded browser and for sale on suitable app stores, just like native apps.

For example, apps like Google Maps, Facebook, and LinkedIn are native apps built using separate codes for different platforms. On the other hand, apps like Amazon, Walmart, and Nike are built using hybrid technologies.

Did You Know: According to recent research, the US’s top 50 iOS retail apps are built using hybrid technologies.

Essential Benefits of Hybrid App Development:


There is no single reason to define the advantages of hybrid app development, yet they are a good choice to consider over conventional app development. The hybrid framework gives freedom to developers to build a single and robust version of the app while saving the time and energy to maintain separate code bases for different operating systems.

Here are some of the key benefits of hybrid app development.

1) High-Speed Performance:

There is no doubt that no platform can outperform the loading speed and performance of a native app. At the same time, performance and speed are also not an issue when the concern is about hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps are quite faster and efficient when compared to responsive websites and mobile web apps.

2) Budget-Friendly App Development:

Thanks to the unified creation of hybrid app development, businesses don’t have to spend money creating separate versions of the app to support diverse operating systems. Cost-friendly app development means a lot for small and medium scaled organizations who want to establish their brand in the digital era.

3) Zero Maintenance:

A native app will offer device-specific features; on the other hand, a hybrid app will provide all the features. Maintaining hybrid mobile apps is also quite easy when compared to conventional native web apps. It is also quite easy to update and provide real-time features to all the audience across various platforms.

4) Next-Generation User Interface:

One of the main reasons people love to use a web application is its appealing performance. Hybrid app development offers best-in-class features and a lag-free user experience, which helps brands generate ROI. Moreover, the healthy performance and appealing designs of hybrid apps make them the first choice applications for app store selection.

5) Promotes Scalable App Development:

As hybrid app development is based on a cross-platform network, the app doesn’t have to depend on a single platform; hence there is zero impact on the efficiency of the application.



Hybrid app development is a great choice for enterprise app development as it is quite easy to develop and maintain apps on the framework.

If you aim to build a high-performance gaming platform or business app, consider hybrid app development to offer an incredible user experience to your audience.

According to the Boffin Coders 2021 research,  Mobile is the key to digital media success. The use of Mobile Apps has been increasing day by day.

Due to increasing demand, various new features and trends are emerging in Mobile App Development. Boffin Coders provides free consultation for converting your idea into a Mobile App.


Here is a summary of the top 5 Mobile App Trends in 2021.

  1. Making Apps for Foldable devices
    The foldable display is a smartphone app development concept that will transform the business in 2021. Mobile app developers will face a number of challenges as a result. The usage of a folding display means that screen sizes will vary instantly in response to user actions.

    It will make mobile app development more complex. However, for Mobile App Developers, it will offer up a wide range of opportunities.

    Apps that can take maximum benefits from the foldable devices are Video streaming and gaming apps. They can increase their screen size or can provide extra space for more information.  Thus, developing the apps keeping the screen in the mind will be one of the biggest mobile app development trends in 2021

    According to a 2019 survey conducted by USA Today, 17% of iPhone users and 19% of Android users are interested in purchasing a phone with a foldable design.
    Foldable Smartphone

  2. Increased Use Of Chatbots
    Chatbots are required by more than 50% of buyers while doing online shopping. This is a perfect way to make a good relationship between customer and seller. There are millions of apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple Play. But few apps are using chatbots. This will be going to change in 2021. 

    By 2021, chatbot integration with mobile apps will have advanced from a basic to a competitive level. With 80 percent of businesses expected to employ chatbots by 2021 and users enjoying fast and accurate responses, integrating a chatbot into your mobile app is a significant business opportunity – and one of the key mobile app development trends to watch in 2021.
    Chatbots can be proved very beneficial in many ways.

    For Example, Andy in English is the perfect chatbot to learn English. This Telegram Chatbot can speak on any subject in English and help you in improving grammar mistakes. When you want, you can chat with Bot.

  3. Beacon Technology
    Consider the following scenario. You’re looking for a specific pair of shoes from a specific brand or model on Google. However, you must personally try them on. 

    However, while you’re driving to the stores, the app on your phone displays you which stores offer the things you want, as well as their price and other details.
    It’s just not a good idea. It’s achievable thanks to beacon technology.

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals are used by beacons. As a result, when the phone enters a beacons zone, the associated app gets the signal immediately and provides users with relevant notifications and instructions.

    Apple announced Beacon Technology in 2013 to offer consumers relevant information and recommendations via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. Since Google’s Eddystone Beacon Technology was announced in 2015, mobile app developers have been exploring new methods to integrate Eddystone into Android applications.

    Beacon is one of the most exciting mobile app development technologies, with huge potential in fields like mobile payments,  travel, gaming, and healthcare.

    Beacon Technology

  4. Mobile Wallets
    Mobile wallets are rapidly gaining popularity among users. Whenever we need to manage a transaction, we no longer need to spend in cash or type in our account information.
    All we have to do now is link our bank accounts to a mobile wallet app. Then, using the mobile wallet app, we can send money to anyone. The payment process may be made smoother and faster by integrating payment gateways with mobile wallets.

    Many mobile wallet apps, such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, and others, are already very popular. As a result, it’s past time for mobile app developers and businesses to incorporate mobile wallets into their apps.
    Mobile Wallet App

  5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    Augmented Reality now has dominated the gaming industry, and it’ll only be a matter of time until this mobile app development trend spreads to other areas of our lives.
    Apple, for example, developed ARKit, a development framework that allows app developers to rapidly and easily integrate augmented reality (AR) features into their apps and games by utilizing the device’s camera, CPUs, and motion sensors. This function may be used to analyze the layout of a room, precisely capture space and depth, and even reproduce an 80s music video in AR. Likewise, Google’s ARCore allows consumers to get a glimpse of the impending mixed reality revolution. Users should expect a slew of AR-based app concepts to emerge in 2021 and beyond.

Virtual Reality App


It’s a major step to incorporate these trends into our phones. For that, you’ll require the services of an experienced mobile app development business. ‘Boffin Coders‘ is an excellent pick in this regard.



Various technologies exist today to build Mobile Apps. But in this article, you will get an idea about those technologies that are