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Bio: I currently work as a product manager for a company that specializes in Web & Mobile App Development, where I lead the projects from scratch and delivers them to the cloud. I love working with projects on .NET Core, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Android, iOS, and Flutter.Do you have a project to discuss? Contact me on Skype at er.manojsethi

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The on-demand food delivery app development has increased since the intervention of the COVID-19 global pandemic in human life. Some modern scientists also call the millennial generation the nomad generation as we all depend on our smartphones as we can order whatever we need from our smartphones with the help of a few clicks.   According to recent research, there has been a 30% increase in signups on Ubereats and other food delivery apps since 2019. Due to the increase in demand for food deliveries, most investors are considering online food delivery as an ideal investment.       This...Read More
We all still remember the day when we used to wait for an hour or two to get a chance to use the internet or complete our project in cybercafes. It was a decade ago sound’s too old, right. In the modern world, everyone has access to the internet hence we can perform all our tasks in a few minutes. A recent study also highlighted that around 230 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2021, nearly twice that of 140 billion mobile application downloads in 2016. So, the mobile application is not an upcoming trend anymore it is the trend....Read More
Mobile app and web development have become prominent topics for discussion in the millennial generation. Flutter app development platform is rapidly becoming one of the popular web and app development platforms around the globe. That's why flutter app development company is in great demand. For some developer’s flutter is a trend that will last forever; while for others, it is a breeze that any other future technology will soon substitute.   Without any doubt, the Flutter framework is currently dominating all other web and mobile app development platforms with its supremacy. Some popular mobile apps like Alibaba, Tencent, and Musical...Read More
Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? Faster loading pages will increase the number of people visiting your web page, have lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and, of course, they will have an overall better user experience. Faster websites also perform well on search engine result pages compared to their competitors. If you think page speed ranking factor is just a myth, think again!   In short, slow websites will cost you money and will hurt your brand. On the other hand, speed up your WordPress Website and making your web pages load faster will positively impact...Read More
In recent years, web app development for enterprises has grown rapidly with new trends coming into the market. The demand for Custom Web Application Development Services is also increasing exponentially as brands want to create the best web-based applications to target consumers and outperform their potential competitors.   According to recent research by Forrester, “The web applications which brands launch on the internet can be a make or break for the online venture of their business. Therefore, it is paramount to partner with the best Custom Web App Development Company to incorporate the latest trends and develop a robust web-based...Read More
In the first year of the new decade, the world has witnessed an exponential rise in website, and mobile app development as all of us are somehow bound to the magnanimous attraction offered by the online market. We get to enjoy amazing discounts and can shop for all our necessities from our comfort zone. It might sound weird when we say you must feel proud when committing mistakes while developing a mobile application. Well, even some of the world’s best mobile app developers have made mobile app development mistakes during their initial stages of learning. Mistakes are meant to be...Read More
In the digital era, mobile apps have become a significant part of everyday lives. Surprisingly, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users globally, which we feel is quite enough to define the demand for mobile applications. Whether we want to order our favourite food or book a cab, we have started depending a lot on mobile applications.   But have you ever wondered how mobile apps are developed? The answer to this question is mobile app development frameworks. Mobile app development no longer requires the demand to learn complicated programming languages. One can build high-end mobile applications with basic knowledge of web technologies...Read More
The time people spend on mobile apps daily is growing rapidly every year. According to recent research, an average adult spends around two and a half hours on a smartphone. Out of which, the majority of time is spent on social media, streaming applications, and other core functional applications like maps, phones, and messaging. Mobile app features play an important role here!   For brands, the online market is one of the best places on earth to grow. The opportunities to attract sales in the online market never end. The strategy to succeed here is simple: you have to engage...Read More
The majority of property buyers from the millennial generation love to complete their research online which has increased the demand for mobile apps for real estate businesses like never before. Mobile apps have become an everyday solution for humans, not only for real estate, but from shopping for groceries to attending virtual meets. Everything can be done in a short span of time.   We are a highly renowned real estate app development company serving various clients across the US and the entire globe. We offer creative solutions to modern problems, helping dealers adapt to rapidly changing expectations of property...Read More
Undoubtedly, smartphones have changed the way we think, live, and spend our time. From bed to cars, we use them everywhere. In the digitally dependent age, companies that maintain a consistent online presence have the opportunity to grab a large number of customers. Online services also attract a lot of profits towards the brand-boosting sales and overall growth of a business. Today, we will learn about seven interesting features of a car dealership app which every auto buyer must know before investing.   The same formula also applies to car dealership apps as they help in engaging customers within the...Read More