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Bio: I currently work as a product manager for a company that specializes in Web & Mobile App Development, where I lead the projects from scratch and delivers them to the cloud. I love working with projects on .NET Core, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, Android, iOS, and Flutter. Do you have a project to discuss? Contact me on Skype at er.manojsethi

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Undoubtedly, smartphones have changed the way we think, live, and spend our time. From bed to cars, we use them everywhere. In the digitally dependent age, companies that maintain a consistent online presence have the opportunity to grab a large number of customers. Online services also attract a lot of profits towards the brand-boosting sales and overall growth of a business. Today, we will learn about seven interesting features of a car dealership app which every auto buyer must know before investing.   The same formula also applies to car dealership apps as they help in engaging customers within the...Read More
If you are in the automobile market for the first time, buying or selling a used car is not easy. You will have to prepare yourself for various dealership showrooms trips and hang with multiple managers and sales executives. If you don’t have to spend time negotiating with dealers, there is also a better and contemporary option - Car Dealership Apps.   You can move online as it is a convenient way to shop for cars from the comfort of your couch. By now, you must be well aware of what we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about...Read More
The rapidly increasing numbers of mobile users on earth have completely changed the way we used mobile applications. A few years back, most of us spent our time on social media apps. Still, most of the millennial generation is focused on AI or multiplayer-based games, and nothing is permanent in the digital world. According to a recent search, there are nearly 3.8 billion smartphone users all across the globe, which means serious competition among mobile app development companies. Your brand’s app needs to get regular upgrades and fixes to stay at Google Play Store's top charts and apple’s iOS store....Read More
According to the Boffin Coders 2022 research,  Mobile is the key to digital media success. The use of Mobile Apps has been increasing day by day. Due to increasing demand, various new features and trends are emerging in Mobile App Development. Boffin Coders provides free consultation for converting your idea into a Mobile App. GET A FREE CONSULTATION    Here are Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends   1) Making Apps for Foldable devices The foldable display is a smartphone app development concept that will transform the business in 2021. Mobile app developers will face a number of challenges as...Read More
Various technologies exist today to build Mobile Apps. But in this article, you will get an idea about those technologies that are Continue reading Most used Technologies in Mobile App Development in 2022...Read More