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Below is the list of Development Services that are practiced at Boffin Coders. Kindly give us a chance to help your business.Boffin Coders - Development Services

Mobile App Development

Native Development

Having an app is always a benefit for a business. Boffin Coders provides you option with having a native app developed in Java for android and Swift for iOS. It takes higher cost as code base is different for both apps(Android and iOS) but comes with number of benefits like performance, security, integration with device, design etc.

Cross Platform

Sometimes you may want to have a quick development for your app then Cross Platform technologies is your way to go for Mobile App Development. Under cross platform Boffin Coders works on following technologies

  1. React-Native : React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. With react native we can share the same code base and hence the reduced cost.
  2. Flutter: Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. With flutter you can also share the same code base and have a faster Mobile App.

Web App Development (Backend)

.NET Development

We endeavor to offer comprehensive custom using minutiae solutions using .NET framework for organizations. Our wide-stretching exposure to .NET gives us an whet while developing technology driven solutions to our customers. Our success in this domain is ensured by our talented developers who are well versed with the nuances of minutiae technologies and project management methodologies. Our team ensure that the client’s exact development needs are well analyzed and we can provide you the best app for easing your business goals.

It was earlier a restriction that .NET apps require window servers which are relatively costly but now with .NET Core we can develop apps for cross platform and you can deploy the .NET Core Web App on Linux Servers as well.

Node.js Development

Boffin Coders is a trusted remote Node.js development company. We have expert Node.js developers with expertise in latest trends of Javascript along with Typescript. We have been following best practices in developing both server and client side of web applications as per your business needs. We have good amount of experience in Node.js development, a platform built on Google V8 JavaScript engine

Services under Web App Development

  1. API Development
  2. Web App Development
  3. Maintenance of existing apps.

Web App Development (Frontend)

.NET(Razor Views)

When it comes to front-end we need some good quality HTML code that renders fast and helps in SEO of the website for that server side rendering is good. With .NET we can use Razor Views which comes by default with .NET MVC pattern. Razor views are easy to be maintained and we can utilize 3rd party libraries like Telerik, DevExpress, Syncfusion etc. Boffin Coders have expertise in development of .NET Apps via Razor Views.

Javascript Template Engine

With technologies like Node.js we need to use the template engines and Boffin Coders have expertise in that. Our team can help you to integrate EJS, Handlebars and Mustache template engine with your App.

Front End Technologies

With the demand of SPA apps we have expertise in following frontend technologies

  1. Angular: Angular is developed by Google and is mostly used in building the SPA apps with easy to maintain code. It becomes fairly easier to write down the code once and use it anywhere inside the app.
  2. React: React is developed by Facebook and is currently the most liked by the developers. We at Boffin Coders can help you create the react apps in the best way

    We can also develop Apps with Server Side Rendering using Angular and React for better SEO

API Development

API Development

API development has unprotected wild fire among web service providers in recent years. API minutiae helps two self-sustaining systems talk with each other through programming interface.

An API acts as a software to software interface enabling apps to interact without any user knowledge or intervention. Behind every outstanding web using or mobile app, there is a full-length rich API. In the world of app development, all apps are powered by numerous highly specialized APIs, each API ripened to serve a specific function.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

You have some facts, numbers or measurements and want to get rid of seeing the wearisome details then data visualization is the right thing to requite them a life and see how they are in actual. To turn your numbers into right informational icon we will present you the right way to segregate the chart to compare your figures. We have experienced group of developers having experience in following charting libraries.

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