Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud provider that provides resources for deployment and operating applications on the web. It provides an area for individuals and enterprises to build and run the software, and connect users to that software. The advantage it offers is that you need not lease a server or pay for a DNS server on a monthly basis, but you have to pay for the resources on a per-second basis, while most of the competitors charge according to per minute use. As you will connect with Google, it also keeps track of your resource usage, like how much processing power, data storage, database queries, and network connectivity you consume.

For a growing business, meeting fluctuating demands become a top priority, to meet customer’s expectations. Clouds have proved their efficiency in keeping up with every update in technology, and it is easier to increase the capacity required than investing in physical system installations. The way a business tackle growing demands, plays an important role in the competitive market, for which clouds are the quickest solution within the reasonable costs. Also, it solves a major concern of data security that every business usually have. The cloud is an adaptive system that introduces any new security feature to itself and guarantees the security of the data stored. The scalability and security clouds offer, make their services reliable and pocket friendly.

There are many reasons to go for GCP, such as to reach users worldwide, or to borrow sophisticated analytics and AI functions, or to utilize massive data storage, or to take advantage of cost efficiencies. For the new-comers, it is the best choice, as GCP offers the best assistance to guide you through their services and make you understand what could be the best choice for your business. If you look for how it handles your costs, then Google uses cost competitiveness in “sweet spot” scenarios than being a low-cost leader. It is possible with Google lifecycle manager for its object data storage, which enables the deletion of objects that you haven’t used in 30 days or more.

Boffin Coders are there for you when the cloud services platform becomes hard to understand and an overwhelming concept to digest. Our experienced team understand the different services Google offers on GCP. For small scale and large scale business, Google cloud storage is ready to accept any amount of data and utilizes BigQuery, a data warehousing especially designed for large scale quantities of highly distributed data. Multidimensional tables of data become easy to handle with Cloud BigTable, which makes it easier for analytics applications to manage than the large indices for a colossal relational database with complicated tables whose records would have to join at query time.

On top of that, you can enjoy Google’s cloud translations, text-to-speech and speech-to-text service for your custom applications. If you use GCP, then you can enjoy Istio, a “phone book” for modern, scalable applications that spread as individual components called microservices. Our developers know to make use of Cloud Run on GCP, building and running applications on cloud and look like as they are running on localhost.