Pixz (Android & iOS)

Pixz is the best photo-sharing app to stay close with your friends & family. During this time, when it’s difficult to be close with loved ones, it’s important to stay connected and share your day to day photos. We at Pixz have made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to stay connected while automatically sharing your photos and videos. Whether you are showing your family & friends how you are living these days or you made it to a special vacation and want to include loved ones that cannot be there, this is the photo lab social photo-sharing app for you!

Create a group for any occasion—vacations, birthday events, family zoom reunions, social distant meetups, weddings, conferences, it doesn’t matter. The Pixz photo lab is the best automatic photo-sharing app around.

This app has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and Black Enterprise as well.

Do you also want to create a social media app with your own unique idea. Do contact us now and let’s get started.


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