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Android App Development Company

In recent years the world has witnessed a steady incline in mobile users. There are currently more than 5 billion users all across the world. According to the data, 48.3% of the world’s total population owns a smartphone. Undoubtedly, Android is one of the most popular and widespread OS (Operating System) all across the globe. An android application can fulfil various aspects for a business like marketing, e-commerce, and client engagement. A drop in smartphone prices and increased internet availability has also contributed to the increased usage of android applications.


The 2020 stat-counter report also suggested that Android owns 71.93% market share, which is massive compared to 27.47% of Apple’s iOS. Apps based on Android have become the lifeline of many firms worldwide, with the world slowly turning to the device in their hand to get almost all chores done for them. Are you and your company prepared to rise to this Android services challenge? Fret not! We at Boffin Coders are here to help you in every step of the way.

Android App Development Company in India - Boffin Coders

Why is it important for your Business to take heed to Android App Development Company?

Mobile App Development Company India - Boffin Coders
  1. One of the significant differences between Google Playstore and Apple’s iOS store is 96% of apps available on the Google Playstore are free while only 92% of apps are accessible on Apple’s iOS store.
  2. Smartphone users all across the world spend 50% of their mobile app time in social media and communication apps
  3. According to recent research, more than 100,000 apps are launched on Google Playstore every month.
  4. According to recent research from Mary Meeker, most Americans spend 3.8 hours daily on mobile phones and only spend 2 hours on desktops and laptops.
  5. 53% of online shoppers rely on smartphones, and nearly half of US consumers do their product research on mobile.
  6. Some top analysts predict that mobile e-commerce sales will become a 3.56 Trillion dollar industry by the end of 2021.

How an Android App can be your businesses’ road to Increased ROI?

Android apps offer a diversity of advantages with their wide range of users. They can be game-changers and can play a huge role in determining the growth of a business. They also happen to be the easiest way to target your audience. Apart from offering incredible help during sales, brands can also use their app as an important mode of communication with the audience.


One of the prominent takeaways of an android app is that it offers consumers the freedom of calling or messaging. You can also equip modern IoT-based chatbots that can converse effectively with millions of users. The android app is also available 24/7, which means every minute counts, and you can generate revenue round about the clock.

Advantages Of Android App Development Services:

  1. Low Investment & Higher Returns: Android is one of the cheapest platforms to build and license an app. It offers SDK or Software Development Kit to the entire development community.
  2. Open Source: One of the best advantages of android app development is that it is royalty-free. Most importantly, you get a lot of technologies and frameworks at comparatively lower prices. The open-source nature of Android is also one of the main reasons why android based phones get easy updates and developments.
  3. Easy To Customize: Every business wants to offer a personalized experience to its customers. The entire Android platform offers open hands for customization, making it easy to develop and integrate.
  4. Diversity of Sales Channels: Apart from being easy to personalize, android app development also provides room for various sales options. You can use various application stores available on Google to promote your app and attract an audience.

Why to Hire Boffin Coders Android App Development Agency?

Being the best android development company, we work according to your organization’s requirements. We also incorporate cutting-edge technology to build rich android applications targeted at helping your business meet its objectives. Our talented android app developers also ensure that your business application is well-equipped with modern technologies like IoT and data analytics to outperform your potential competitors.


One of the main reasons to partner with us is, we offer cost-effective android development plans and prioritize quality over quantity. We will help you build an enriched application with features, secured, customized, and advanced technologies to boost your sales. We develop apps tailor-made to suit the needs of you and your audience.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

  1. Competitive Services: We have developed revolutionary apps for various clients and provide competitive services all across the globe.
  2. Experienced & Certified: We have a well-trained and experienced team of experts who will work hand in hand with your organization to build an android app that suits your needs.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: We have a 100% client satisfaction rate and foster economical service alongside premium quality performance.
  4. Increased ROI: We can help you in monetizing your app through innovative ROI strategies.
  5. Maintenance: Apart from providing android app development services, we also have experts who can offer round-the-clock maintenance and support to our clients.

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