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Flutter is an open-source Google technology to develop web applications for desktop and mobile by using a single code-base. It is a complete SDK or Software Development Kit where you get an engine, framework, and an embedder in a single application. Flutter uses dart coding language, which is one of the best client-based customer-oriented languages. Unlike react-native, flutter doesn’t require an additional bridge to communicate with other platforms as it is composed of direct compilation. Moreover, an average of 61% of developers are interested in flutter.


One of the prominent takeaways of flutter is its ready-made widgets present in SDK. Flutter also offers all users to customize or edit pre-existing widgets. Moreover, the flutter widgets also act as building blocks that almost cover all the major and minor aspects of the application. Flutter also offers three different types of tool testing kits: unit test, widgets test, and integration test.

It is why Flutter finds its place in MVP and PoC projects very well. Flutter is not native, but there is no way to ignore it. It has every possible library to bring your thoughts into reality. It can create lightweight apps with every feature to impress the user. It can flatter any user with its high performance and speed. You can build a highly graphical or live streaming app, and there would be no issues regarding the performance.

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Why Go With Flutter App Development Services?

  1. Ready-Made Widgets For Creating Faster User-Interface and Coding: In simple words, flutter is a widget as all the objects from fonts to layout and from views to controllers, all are described as widgets in Flutter. There is no other software like flutter which offers a consistent and unified designing strategy. One has to combine different widgets in a flutter to create an application.
  2. Flutter Uses Dart As A Programming Language: Flutter uses dart as a programming language which is one of the main reasons behind the success of flutter. Dart is quite similar to JAVA or C++, which doesn’t demand professional typing skills. Google targeted beginners; hence dart was the first-choice programming language for flutter.
  3. Eliminating XML Files: The android development of the app demands two separated entities like layout and codes. One has to pen down the layout in XML, which is later converted into JAVA reference codes.
  4. Backed By Google: Undoubtedly, Google never let its products and consumers down. Google develops flutter; hence all the bugs and errors will get immediate response from Google. According to recent research, it will be getting better and better in the future.

Flutter Vs. React Native

Flutter and React Native is one of the strongest competitors in the app development industry. Flutter was developed in 2018, while react-native was developed in 2015, which means React Native has a wider range of users compared to flutter. Although it is new but is has achieved 94.9 stars on Github which is quite enough to describe its worth in the app development industry. Both the app development software are competent and offer a quality and convenient app development experience to all its users. Flutter also overtakes React native in factors like,

  1. Code reusability,
  2. Easy User-Interface,
  3. Cost, and
  4. Cross-platform application to increase its user network.

Flutter overtakes React Native in most factors, but it doesn’t mean RN is not competitive as it is composed of impressive features absent in Flutter.

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Why Hire Our Flutter App Development Company For Your Business?

Boffin Coders is a leading Flutter app development company, and our Flutter app developers can help you create apps on an open-source platform with a single code base. You can partner with us to save the cost you have to spend while hiring different teams for the diversity of specifications. One of the best advantages of building your app on Flutter is you can save your time by launching your Android and iOS app with a single platform.


We are the Ist choice for Android and IOS App Development. At Boffin Coders, you get a chance to work with some of the world’s best Flutter developers who are helping various small and medium scale organizations to launch their apps on iOS and Android Playstore.

Our Flutter App Development Services:

We Build High-Quality Cross-Platform Apps:

Whether you want to build an android application or an iOS one, we will do it for you on Flutter; our developers are well-equipped with the skill-set and tools to create the best app to contribute to the growth of your business.


Flutter-Related Projects:

Our experts are well-experienced in managing Flutter-based projects; hence you can trust us like our clients who have reported a 100% satisfaction rate and love to work with us.



If you are not satisfied with features and designs, we can help you add new features and designs to ensure that you have a smile on your face every time you look into your app.

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