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React Native App Development

React native is one of the most efficient platforms to create smartphone applications. Facebook developed react native in 2015, and it was launched on iOS, and it later adapted to the android culture. React native has developed various successful mobile applications on both Android and iOS stores. Apps like Uber eats, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, and Skype mobile are some of the best examples of successful mobile applications built using React Native Development Services. 


React Native uses the universal programming language “Javascript” According to Facebook, React Native uses the same building blocks technique to build iOS and Android applications. 


React native is the most popular framework for building cross-platform applications. According to a 2020 survey, 42% of developers use react native for app development. Developers have to install react native and use the same building blocks technique to develop apps on react native. One of the amazing facts about reacts native app development is only a minute difference between the app built on native-web code and react native. The platform also has a large community of users who are always open to share their expertise and experience with beginners. 

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Benefits of React Native App Development Services:

  1. Incredible Performance: Applications built on react native offer the same features as a native web application on iOS and Android platforms. One of the prominent reasons behind the success of react native is it mainly focuses on GPU or Graphic Processing Unit. It is not dependent on CPU or Central Processing Unit, which helps deliver faster results than cross-platform hybrid technologies.
  2. Save Money and Time: 95% of the code on React native is cross-platform, making it compatible with both Android and iOS. One of the main reasons you should create your business on react native is to create two apps at a slightly higher cost than building one app. Small and medium scale organizations no longer have to strike their brains hard to find the best platform to launch their app as they can launch on both platforms. 
  3. Versatility: React native is also quite adaptable. One can start building applications from the place where someone else has left, which helps boost the overall productivity of the entire team. For example, brands can also test the app in various standards with ease on react native. 
  4. Enhance Pre-Existing Applications: Do you have an existing app? And if you are not satisfied with its development, you can also augment your existing app for better results on react native.

Flutter VS React Native

React Native and Flutter are two of the most significant mobile app development frameworks which fuel thousands of apps available on the Playstore. There are many similarities in both the platforms like hot reloading, easy UI, native features, and amazing tools. Certain aspects differ between the two of the most popular mobile app development frameworks. React native is built on Javascript, which makes it better than Flutter as it is easy for the new developers to install and develop mobile applications on React native. At the same time, enterprises can easily find Javascript coders with ease. React native is also more popular when compared to flutter because most of the react developers easily create apps on react native. Due to its wide popularity, some top-notch apps like Walmart and Bloomberg are built on React Native.

Why Hire Boffin Coders React Native Mobile App Development Company?

Achieve all your business goals by launching your dream mobile application on Android and iOS by using Boffin Coders react native development services. React native can help businesses in saving a lot of time while developing cross-platform mobile applications. Being the leaders in the mobile app development company, our developers can help you build and launch high-quality mobile applications with the help of react-native.

Why Our Partners Love And Trust Our React Native App Development Services?

  1. Amazing Cross-Platform Framework: Undoubtedly, nothing can match the premium quality of native-like applications. We can help you in creating your dream into reality.
  2. Staff Augmentation: We have a dedicated team of well-trained and highly qualified reactive native developers. They can collaborate with your brand and use their expertise to help you in achieving your business goals.
  3. Maintenance and Support: At Boffin Coders, we extend relationships with our clients beyond react native app development. We provide the right maintenance support to ensure that nothing stops your app from reaching new heights.
  4. Result-Oriented Strategies: We are equipped with some of the best react native developers on earth who can help you build the right strategy to meet your project goals.
  5. Affordable Prices: Share the details of your project with our developers, who will offer you the best options that fit your budget.

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