Why WordPress Security Is Important?

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WordPress Security is most important for the website owner. Nowadays Google blacklists more than 20,000 websites for malware. Security is not about risk elimination it’s about risk reduction. Risk can never be Zero but it can be reduced. A hacked website can cause very serious damage to your business. Hackers can steal your passwords, useful information and can install malicious software.

In March 2016 Google reported that website users warned about that website they are visiting may contain malware and can steal your information. If you are a business owner than paying extra attention to your WordPress security. WordPress core is a very secure software and it is audited by hundred’s of developer daily. As a website owner, there are a lot of methods that can be done to improve WordPress security.

How to secure WordPress/how to take care of WordPress security.

  • Keep wordpress updated – wordpress updates are essential for wordpress security. You must keep your wordpress theme and plugins up to date.
  • Strong Passwords and User Permissions: Most common wordpress hacking is due to stolen passwords.you must use wordpress passwords strong. Not just admin area password but also use database and admin area unique and strong passwords. Not to provide access to everyone. if you have a large number of team members then you can add new users and authors to your wordpress site and add users roles and capabilities in wordpress.
  • Using a managed wordpress hosting service: WordPress hosting also plays an important role in wordpress security. On shared hosting, you share the hosting resources with other customers also which can cause risk to your website i.e. they can use a neighboring site to attack your website.
  • Install a wordpress backup solution: you must use a backup solution or we can say they you can use backup plugin by which you can take your whole site backup to remote location in just a few easy steps i.e.(no coding needs).
  • Users must use SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) instead of Using FTP(File Transfer Protocol).
  • Themes and plugins: Most of the plugins and themes from untrustworthy resources are outdated and poorly written. Always use plugins and themes downloaded and installed from wordpress.org and by any reputable site. Avoid to Use free version of premium themes and plugin which may contain malware.
  • Run malware scans: to run the malware scan is very important to secure your website. It can be done by manually removing malware or you can add most used services like iThemes Security Pro plugin which provides you a full report on your malware status and other blacklisting statuses.

Security Issues:

SQl injections:wordpress website uses the mysql database to operate.when an attacker attacks on your website and gain all access to your database and all of the website data. By mysql attacker able to create the new admin-user account that can be used to login and get all access to website.sql injections can also include new values insert with links related to malware or spam website.
Cross-site scripting: Cross-site scripting in wordpress is found in wordpress plugins. The basic mechanism is that attacker finds a way to load the web page with insecure javascript. When these scripts load would be used to steal data from the browser.

Malware: Malware is the short form used for malicious software it is most commonly used to get unauthorized data to get access to the website. In wordpress there are four most common malware infections are:

      • Backdoors
      • Drive-by downloads
      • Pharma hacks
      • Malicious redirects

Using plugins and themes from untrustworthy resources: Most of the time users use themes and plugins which are poorly written and outdated codes which leads to the vulnerability of wordpress.

Attacks to login page:
Hackers can attack the WordPress login page. Brute force is the commonly used attack to guess your password. Hacker tried all possible combination of passwords until they get the right one.


There are various methods to prevent attacks on your wordpress website:

    • First method is to camouflage your wordpress admin page. Because all wordpress site has the same syntax for administration for this you can use plugin available in siteguarding.com which is used to secure wordpress admin changes the default address to new that website owner will only know. This will notify you when someone tries to
      access the default login page then you can find when someone trying to force it to do and an extra feature is also available in this is captcha. If someone finds the new address then he will face captcha that is designed with codes for humans.
    • Second is the you can use wordpress Admin Graphic Password Plugin to extra security to your website. This will add security layer to authenticate real people are trying to login.
    • The last tool is to address attacks on the web login page whether it is successful or unsuccessful. This will get by using a plugin to get all user access information when he is trying to get login to web page. A complete report is generated with all information about location and time it occurred. In case if it successful i.e. if get hacked then you get notified. This can easily be available at siteguardian.com wordpress-user-access-notification and you can secure your wordpress.
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