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We Boffin Coders are a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Mohali, India delivering top notch custom web application development and designing services, android and IOS mobile app development services,  and Digital Marketing services worldwide!

From creating and maintaining business image to branding, we offer a skilled team to help grow your business and deliver results exceeding expectations.

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Our web and mobile app development company is trusted by most of the people because here What We Do- We Do it well !
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Mobile App Development

Most of the time, customers have their smartphones in their hands, and interacting with them using an app can be a game-changer. It becomes easy to have feedback from customers and ensure future purchases by providing them with rewards. An app helps you stay ahead of your customer’s expectations and deliver a unique experience while exploring your services. Many businesses run on apps only due to the costs they save from not installing additional sections physically.

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Web Development

In recent years websites have become a brand mark for any business. People you connect to on social media also look for an official website where they can get to know more about the services offered by you. The majority of the audience has shifted to online interactions and prefer to shop or communicate via the internet only. That is why it becomes essential for a business of any size to have a website of its own.

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Web Designing

Web designing is the skill to introduce disciplines in the production and maintenance of a website. It is a front-end designing process that focuses on the client experience on the website and ways to make the website more engaging for the viewers. The design of the website is equally important as the program running at the backend. It gives your audience their first impression of your business, and it takes a few seconds for them to judge your website.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has influenced the modern internet with its broad coverage of services and user experience it provides. For any business, whether small or big, the cloud solution is capable of giving a real-time view and sharing of data among multiple users. A few years back, when there was the need for the installation of physical systems to handle user’s requests, many small businesses suffered.

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Graphic Designing

Graphics are easy to absorb by the human brain, and using the visual medium to interact with people makes an easy way to communicate your business with them. It is better to use graphics to describe your purpose than overwriting because visuals provide a higher speed of absorption.

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Digital Marketing

In the world of marketing, digital technology has influenced marketing strategies a lot. Billions of internet users spend hours daily on their desktops and smartphones. This opens gates for businesses to introduce their products to such a massive audience around the globe, at way lesser costs than printing flyers.


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We are a leading web and mobile app development company. We are expert in Car Dealership App Development. Feel free to check out our portfolio of Car Dealership Mobile App!


Let’s turn your business idea into reality!

We work with diverse brands, organizations, enterprises, startups and individuals to create powerful softwares from excellent idea. Whether you are a business owner, restaurant owner, realtor or auto dealer, we can help you providing on-demand industry solutions by designing,developing and launching a web or mobile app as per your industry. There are many benefits of having your own industry specific app. You can read our blogs to explore top 20 car dealership apps, key benefits of on demand food delivery app development, real estate app development etc.

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We Promise. We Deliver.

Being a leading web and mobile app development company, we aim towards returning the maximum value to our client’s investment. Our experience allows us to deliver the complete job within the deadlines and with the quality that exceeds expectations. We keep up our services with emerging technologies and help our clients by suggesting them more they can do for the betterment of the business.

Web and Mobile App Development Company


What Our Client Say?

I can not say enough good things about Manoj and his team. Not only are they highly skilled in a handful of technologies and programming languages, they go above and beyond to deliver happiness to their clients. I have worked with Manoj on a variety of different project that I needed competent and skilled programmers. Not only did they exceed my expectations, but they provided results in a timely and professional manner. Manoj and his team comes with my utmost respect and recommendations. I am so happy that I was able to find Manoj and his team through upwork.


Experience was great. Top-rate in understanding and completing the project.


Jyoti built the form for us using html, javascript (JQuery), css (bootstrap) in a very efficient and professional way. We are very happy with the work.


Inderjit was an extreme pleasure to work with. He was able to grasp the vision for our app and translate it into a functioning application quickly and efficiently. His enthusiasm and responsiveness was awesome. I expect we will work together again soon.


I’m very happy with the outcome. We worked very well together and the end result is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!



Our Work Strategy
Discovery Workshop
Website Discovery Workshop at Boffin Coders

Discovery Workshop

We lay out plans for the project by looking at the requirements and goals of the business and fully define the scope of every step to be involved. We analyze various aspects of achieving the results to deliver better than expectations.

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We define every strategic and tactical plan before proceeding further to determine all possible costs. We also put forward any specific service that requires an operating plan to work on them.

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Website Development Planning at Boffin Coders
Website Designing Strategy at Boffin Coders


We break down the project to follow a procedural approach to ensure we deliver our best to every section of the whole. We identify the need, select the most promising solution and construct a prototype.

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We provide aid for every necessary aspect of development within the defined phases. Simultaneously we work towards improving design and project management.

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Website Development Strategy at Boffin Coders
Website Testing at Boffin Coders


We run multiple tests on the developed project before delivering it. We validate the project meets all the business and technical requirements and rectify any possible issue that may arise.

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We believe in building relations with our clients and stay ready to encounter any updates that may arise even after the delivery of the project. We can implement any new technology that can help your business's growth.

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Website Maintance at Boffin Coders

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