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On Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Boffin Coders is a leading On-demand doctor appointment booking app development company that provides end-to-end Doctor appointment booking services. We shape innovative business ideas into excellent on-demand solutions to help doctors help their patients immediately when they need them.

We can assist you with developing and launching your Doctor appointment booking app. Our dedicated on-demand app developers have years of knowledge in this particular field. We deliver a solution that best suits your business and helps the patients as quickly as possible.

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Custom Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Doctor appointment booking apps are changing the industry by bringing immediate medical assistance to patients. The rise of smartphone usage over the past few years has introduced opportunities for medical businesses to grow beyond their physical location. Reaching patients in need has become easier with technology.

Doctor appointment booking apps allow patients to connect with a professional doctor online. Patients can talk to doctors in real time and leave feedback through a single app. When we look at the growth of Doctor appointment booking apps, it is easy to conclude that we will see them growing in the future.


Ease Your Doctor Appointment Booking App Management
With Automation

You can integrate the latest technology into your Doctor appointment booking app development services to help you expand your online presence. You can build a brand name with a Doctor appointment booking app.


Save Patient Record

On-demand doctor app allows doctors to record patient information and health records in the app.

Message encryption

On-demand app allows a secure exchange of messages between doctors and patients with encryption.

Pay via App

Consultation doctors can forward their invoices and receive payments through the app.

Video Consultatio

Patients can get seamless doctor consultations via high-definition video calls with the help of the app.

Features Of Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Our online doctor appointment booking app allows you to book or schedule appointments with doctors anytime. We provide exclusive features to help you manage your appointments.


Patient app features

Easy Login

Patients can register to the app with their emails or phone numbers.

Search Nearby Doctors
Search for Doctors in near areas

Patients can find doctors near them. It is a helpful feature in case of emergencies.

Book appointments
Appointment Booking

Patients can schedule appointments with doctors within minutes in the app.

Upload Medical Reports
Save Reports

The patients can upload their medical reports and treatment histories on the app for future reference.

In-App Chat
Chat with Doctor

In-app chat facilitates patients to explain their problems and receive medical advice through messages.

Set favourite Doctor
Mark favorite Doctor

Add doctors to your favourites to quickly find and book appointments in future.

In-App Payments
Pay via app

It becomes easier for patients to receive bills and make payments through the app.

Doctor App features

Create profile
Register/Login and profile creation

Doctors can register in the app and create a Professional Profile.

Set Availability
Select availability hours

Doctors can set their status as available or unavailable in the app.

Shifting Appointments & Cancellations
Cancel and reschedule the appointment

Doctors can notify patients about their busy schedules via email, SMS, or in-app chat. Doctors can shift or cancel an appointment whenever necessary.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room

This feature automatically creates a queue of patients and notifies them about the next patient with an appointment.

Email & Text Reminders
Email reminder

Automatic alerts to remind about upcoming appointments are available within the app.

Save reports

The app sends notifications to patients and doctors after booking an appointment.


Admin Panel features

Manage Doctors
Handle Doctors Team

Manage details of doctors, their location, and their appointment charges.

Manage Patients
Handle Patients

You can manage details of patients and verification to avoid fraudulent transactions and bookings.

Manage Bookings
Handle Bookings

You can manage and streamline booking slots necessary for smooth functionality.


The admin can restrict any unverified doctor or patient from using the app.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

Although developing an app sounds like a costly affair, a few factors affect the overall cost of development.

Features Complexity

Complex features add up to the overall cost of development. Also, adding too many features affects the user experience mostly.

UI/UX Design

Different UI templates cost differently, and it should be a planned decision to provide the best user experience while keeping the cost to a minimum.

App Platform

It depends on whether you choose Android, iOS, or both. You can choose your favourite platform to launch your app.

App Hosting

App Hosting platforms play an essential role in filtering your target audience and thus come with the costs associated with them.

App Security

Security is always a concern for users to keep their data safe, and different security protocols most likely add to the overall costs.

App Testing

To test an app before launch is necessary to keep things under check before representing your app in front of the users online. But it requires a specialised team to test the app, and they come with their hiring cost separately.

Why Choose Boffin Coders?

Boffin Coders provide a customised app development environment for expanding your Doctor appointment booking services. When you Hire Doctor Appointment Booking App developers, you enter the doors of opportunity to build a creative app with the help of experienced developers.

 Years of experience

 Excellent Support

 Bespoke Solutions

  Customer Satisfaction

 Experts Only

 A Plan for Success




With the expertise of many years in the industry, we have gained in-depth knowledge of Doctor Appointment Booking app development. The expert on-demand app programmers at Boffin Coders are well-versed with the latest technology trends and keep them updated. You can expect high-quality Doctor Appointment applications delivered within the deadline.
We admire it if you provide exact details of your business model, features you want to add, competitors, target audience, and deadline. The more information you give us, the fewer the chances of changes and modifications.
A custom Doctor Appointment Booking app can benefit different parties:
  • Patients
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Private Clinics
The technologies to build a Doctor Appointment app will vary depending on the app's complexity, features, and third-party integration. The technology stack we use is as follows:
  • Front-end development: Angular, ReactJS
  • Back-end development: Node.js, PHP
  • Android - Java, iOS - Swift
  • Payment modes: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
  • Push notifications:, Twilio
  • In-app calling and messaging: Twilio
  • Cloud environment: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure.