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Manage your business on multiple platforms with elegant on-demand app development services at Boffin Coders. Integrate all the requirements with our experience to create a solution for high-tier opportunities.

Provide your customers with an app that can become the solution to their urgent requirements. When you Hire an On-Demand App Developer, they make understanding the trends of the market easier. An On-Demand App integrates features from searching to payment within the app. Users wish to have a dependable app to find quick results online, and an On-Demand app hit that spot.

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You can give your customers a customised app with on-demand features to provide seamless access to a wide range of services. You can control your app features and manage the complete on-demand service through the app. On-demand applications are trending in the market as they bridge the gap between customers and physical stores. These apps act as a platform for customers and businesses to meet. This technology has rapidly grown in the past few years.

On-Demand app development

Ease Your On-Demand Apps Management
With Automation

When you reach out to Boffin Coders for On-demand apps, we assist with learning about the latest technologies emerging in the market. Integrating automation into the app starts gaining knowledge about the user choices and refining the suggestions. It saves time for the customer, and regular notifications bring more chances for the business to earn.

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Real-time Tracking

Let your customers know where their order is and when it will reach them via real-time tracking.

Multiple Payment Options

Give your customers the convenience to pay in multiple payment options- net banking, credit/debit cards, and wallets.

Heat Map

Discover the areas where you have the highest potential customers via heat map and grow your business quickly.

Appealing UI/UX

We ensure the interface designs are attractive yet simple to use for users to retain your customers for long.

We Create On-demand Apps For These Categories

Want to invest in custom On-Demand App Development Services? Connect with Boffin Coders, the best On-Demand App Development Company.

Food Delivery Apps
Grocery Delivery Apps
Taxi Booking Apps
eCommerce Apps
Dating Apps
Doctor Apps

On Demand Food Delivery Apps 


Customers are choosing more options to get food delivered to their doorstep. Customers can find all nearby restaurants and order food quickly.


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On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps


The graph of online shopping services has gone up for quite some while. We understand the boom and have assisted clients with many Grocery Apps


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On Demand Taxi Booking Apps 


People don't like to wait for a taxi these days. It is much more convenient for them to book a ride online, and their ride arrives at their location.


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On Demand Ecommerce Apps 


The graph of online shopping services has gone up for quite some while. We understand the boom and have assisted clients with many eCommerce Apps


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On Demand Dating Apps 


Finding a match has become easy with dating apps that allow users to find their perfect match based on their matching locations and characteristics.


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On Demand Doctor Apps 


Health always has been a popular topic that people search about online. An on-demand doctor app enables users to consult a doctor while sitting in their homes. These apps give medical assistance even in times of emergency.


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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing On-Demand Apps

Although developing an app sounds like a costly affair, but there are a few factors affecting the overall cost of development.

Features Complexity

Complex features add up to the overall cost of development. Also, adding too many features affects the user experience mostly.

UI/UX Design

Different UI templates cost differently, and it should be a planned decision to provide the best user experience while keeping the cost to a minimum.

App Platform

It depends on whether you choose Android, iOS, or both. You can choose your favourite platform to launch your app.

App Hosting

App Hosting platforms play an essential role in filtering your target audience and thus come with the costs associated with them.

App Security

Security is always a concern for users to keep their data safe, and different security protocols most likely add to the overall costs.

App Testing

To test an app before launch is necessary. But it requires a specialized team to test the app, and they come with their hiring cost separately.

Key Features Of On-Demand Solutions

There are many advantages of On-demand apps which are the reason for their popularity now. Here are a few key features of On-demand solutions.

Easy Booking

It is easy to make bookings with a few taps of the fingers. You can get a ride to your doorstep within a few minutes.

Real-Time Tracking

You can track your order or ride in real time. The delivery status is updated regularly, which is convenient for the customer.

Scheduling an Order/Booking

You can make reservations using the apps. You no longer need to stand in waiting to get reservations.

Third-Party Integrations

You can enhance the functionality of your app with third-party apps, such as importing maps or online payment methods.

In-app payments

Apps help a lot by reducing the effort of carrying cash in pockets. Users can make all their payments within the app.

Alerts & Notifications

Regular alerts & notifications keep the users engaged with the updates and discount offers, encouraging them to make purchases.

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Being one of the leading companies in India, Boffin Coders build extensive apps according to your requirements, budget, and deadline. With the latest technologies, make high-quality applications with the help of our expert development team to deliver your customers a unique experience.

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We’re here to help every business thrive. No matter what your idea model is, how big your business is and how you wish to enter the on demand domain, we have your back. Our on demand experts have extensive experience in working on a number of areas - making entrepreneurs make profits in their respective industries.
The future of on-demand apps as all of us on-demand app development agencies can foresee is in the concept finding itself getting present in a range of different industries. We can estimate that the time to come will see on-demand app development solutions getting adopted beyond commutation. Also, we can now see that the on-demand domain is getting introduced with a number of technologies like block-chain, AI, etc. To make the user experience better.
Yes. Boffin Coders provide customization in the app, to mold the app according to the business requirements.