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Being a leading on-demand Food Delivery App Development Company, Boffin Coders provides end-to-end app development services. We shape creative business ideas into excellent on-demand solutions to help businesses serve their customers instantly when they need them.

We can assist you with the development and launch of your on-demand app. Hire Dedicated On-Demand App Developers who have years of experience in this field. Our goal is to deliver a solution that best fits your business and keep the user experience quality to the maximum.

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Food delivery apps are changing the industry by bringing restaurants to customers’ doorsteps. The rise of smartphone usage over the past few years has introduced opportunities for restaurants to grow beyond their physical location. Promoting the menu and finding loyal customers has become easier with technology.
Food Delivery apps allow customers to make reservations or order food online. Customers can track their orders in real-time and leave feedback through a single app. When we look at the growth of food delivery apps, it is easy to conclude that we will see them growing in the future.

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Use Automation to Simplify the Management of Your Food Delivery App

You can integrate the latest technology into your food delivery services that can help you expand your online presence. You can build a brand name for yourself with a food delivery app.

Food delivery app


Get orders delivered to the kitchen, eliminating any human errors. 

Managing the kitchen

Easily manage your requests with an on-demand food delivery app. 

Menu & Stocks

On-demand apps allow you to make changes to the menu and manage your inventory efficiently.

Call-Free Ordering

Food delivery apps are the best fit for customers trying to avoid crowded places and get their food packed in the kitchen.

Key Components of On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Services

You can grow your food delivery and ordering business with our dedicated on-demand Food Delivery App Development Services. Our skilled food app developers build highly interactive interfaces and integrate easy payment methods.

FOOD DELIVERY-Resturent app

Customer App

Nearby Restaurants
Restaurants in the Area

Users can find all restaurants available for home delivery near them.

inApp Payments
In-App Purchases

A food delivery app can help make payments within the app to enjoy contactless payments.

Restaurant Menu
The Restaurant Menu

Users can view menus of different restaurants and compare the best prices.

Rating and Reviews
Reviews and Ratings

Customers can leave ratings and reviews to advise restaurants on areas of improvement.

Push Notifications
In-App Notifications

Customers get notified about new offers, order confirmations, cancellations and discounts.

Social Media Login
Login to Social Networks

Users can connect their social media accounts with the app to share their experiences on their accounts.

Coupon Management
Coupon Administration

Loyal customers can receive discount coupons and use them in the app.

Order Tracking
Order Monitoring

Customers can track their orders by locating their driver’s device’s location.

Driver App

Driver Profile

Drivers can make personalised profiles.

Availability Settings
Accessibility Preferences

Drivers can choose their working hours by turning off their availability online.

Manage Orders
Order Management

Drivers can manage multiple orders at the same time through the app.

Delivery Information
Delivery Details

Drivers receive information about the restaurant location as well as the customer location.

Realtime Requests
Real-time Requests

Drivers get a notification for delivery as soon as a customer places an order nearby.

Payment History
Payment Record

Drivers can receive information about the payment of an order.

Order History
Order Record

Drivers can save and manage all their previous deliveries in the app.

FOOD DELIVERY-Resturent app
# FOOD DELIVERY-Resturent app

Restaurant App

Restaurant Profile

Creating a profile allows a restaurant to register itself in the app and upload its location, contact, menu, and prices.

Manage Orders
Order Management

Restaurants can manage their orders efficiently by knowing the information about pending requests, dispatched orders, and scheduled ones.

Menu Management
Menu Control

It is convenient for restaurants to create and update their menu online.

Push Notifications
In-App Notifications

Restaurants get a notification as soon as a customer places an order.

Real-Time Tracking of Drivers
Real-Time Driver Tracking

Restaurants can also track drivers taking the orders to ensure a quick delivery.

Payment History
Payment Record

Restaurants can check all the orders and ensure their payments within the app.

Manage Offers & Discounts
Maintain Discounts & Offers

Restaurants can put custom discounts on their items.

Admin Panel

Customer Management
Management of Customers

The dashboard includes information about the most ordered items by the customers.

Menu & Timing
Schedule & Menu

Restaurants can create different menus for different times and manage them on the panel.

Restaurants Management
Management of Restaurants

You can manage restaurants and add, delete, or update a new restaurant.

Delivery zone Management
Delivery Zone Administration

Restaurants can manage the distance they can deliver food.

Payment & Commission Management
Money Management & Commissions

Restaurant owners can adjust payment and manage commission rates from the panel.

Promo codes
Discount Codes

Restaurants can manage offers, discounts, and promo codes through the panel.

FOOD DELIVERY-Resturent app
Driver Management
Driver Control

It includes details of the driver, licence, rating, and other information.

Analyzing & Reporting
Reporting & Analysis

Get real-time insights into reports to keep a check on the growth of your business on the app.

All You Need to Know For a Successful Food Business

Take your food delivery business online with a best business plan & increase your reach and acquire more customers.

Market Analysis
Generating Revenue
Customizable Software
Business Plan
Marketing & Branding
Reports And Analytics

We have years of experience with on-demand food delivery app development and help analyse the market trends to give startups a headstart.


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Yes. On-demand food delivery app works the same for multiple restaurants and a single restaurant.
A basic food delivery takes 45-60 days, but developing complex features and unique interfaces usually takes more time.
Yes. We accept third-party integrations to enhance the user experience.
You can offer discounts, subscriptions, and coupons to your customers. You can use advertisements to reach more customers online. In-app purchases are quick and trending among customers online.