We consult and create innovative car dealership apps for the auto industry. Being a revolutionary Car Dealership Mobile App Development Company, we help car dealers in building easy to manage and cost-effective dealership apps swiftly.

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Managing your business on the go happens to be one task too much. One mistake and everything might just go down the drain. And with the rage of mobile apps that cloud businesses in this 21st Century, most businesses are finding it difficult to cope. 

Smartphones are changing our lives as it gives us the freedom to get all our services at the doorstep with just a simple click. Whether you want to buy cotton candy or a car, you can do it all by just moving your fingers over a screen. Boosting operational efficiency with an online app happens to be the need of the day. Your online presence will also make it easy for your customers to connect with your business, browse cars and select features.

Do you want your customers to read about every single aspect of a used car or a new car? From specs to engine capabilities and from mileage to tires, everything can be discovered in the app. Our customer-oriented app is all you need to take your business to new heights and effectively accomplish your financial goals. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Car Dealership Mobile App?

Most modern-day businesses connect with their customers to retain them, and the car dealership industry is not an exception here. Smartphones are one of the best devices to connect a wide range of customers all across the globe. It is important to be on-trend and not mean you are letting go of your potential consumers to check for other services. Moreover, avoiding car dealership mobile applications will ensure that your competitors get an additional chance to impress your customers, and you will lose both money and potential customers.

According to recent research, more than 60% of auto shoppers love to research on the internet for details like brand, features, pricing, and inventory. Surprisingly, companies like eBay sell 13000 cars approximately every week. Online apps for car dealerships will help you in providing loyalty programs and scheduling test drives. Have your own car dealership mobile app with Boffin Coders. We are a leading  providing superior IOS and Android app development services in USA, Netherlands, Australia, UK, Germany, etc.

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Effective Communication

A smart car dealership mobile app allows you to engage your customers, which can help you in converting random audiences into profitable customers. The app provides you power of push notifications which can help you to maintain effective communication with your customer.

Customized Services

Our car dealership app offers a personalized infrastructure that eases the pressure on both buyers and sellers as they can meet their desired features with ease. We also provide location-based marketing, which also enriches the user experience of the mobile app.

Digital Retailing

As your car dealership business moves online, you get a chance to sell cars online as your customers would love to enjoy a showroom-like experience at home. Car dealership app provides services like financing, soft credit, and door-step test drive at the cost of a few fingertips.

Effective Inventory Management And Stock Control

Managing inventory manually can be time-consuming. Building an app is easy, and it can help you manage inventory and control your stock. The majority of car dealers around the globe use the car dealership app to generate leads for their businesses.

Social Media Integration

Having a car dealership mobile app will ensure that you integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with one central hub, which is your business app.


Easy Booking

One of the best features of a car dealership app is that it gives your customers the freedom to book test drives or check vehicle maintenance and honest reviews without stepping out of their comfort zone.

24/7 Customer Service

Your car dealership showroom might not be open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week, but your app is available every time on the android play store and iOS store for your consumers.

Efficient Car Service

Having a car dealership app is a boon for your consumers as they can connect with your time during a breakdown or accident or for scheduling regular maintenance.



Apart from offering a modern shopping experience, your car dealership app will also be a reason for your customers to develop trust towards your brand. They can read honest reviews here, and it is one of the best ways to define the success of your brand.


Thanks to the impressive benefits of geolocation technology. Today, you can send location-based advertisements to your customers; for example, if your customer is driving by your service center, you can ask them to get car cleaning at discounts to boost sales.


You can also integrate interesting tools like EMI calculators or filter systems where they can check cars that fall within their budget.


We at Boffin Coders provide a customised Car Dealership App development environment for expanding your online customer base. When you Hire Car Dealership App Developers, you enter the doors of opportunity to build a creative website with the help of experienced developers.

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Yes, you can. If you are not satisfied with the pace of development or the process is turning out as you desire, you can switch individuals or the entire team in- between the development process.

Yes. Boffin Coders provide customization in the app, to mold the app according to the business requirements.

The average is 4-7 years of experience among our developers at Boffin Coders. They keep going through learning new technologies and programming languages.