Top 7 Features of a Car Dealership App

Top 7 Features of a Car Dealership App


Undoubtedly, smartphones have changed the way we think, live, and spend our time. From bed to cars, we use them everywhere. In the digitally dependent age, companies that maintain a consistent online presence have the opportunity to grab a large number of customers. Online services also attract a lot of profits towards the brand-boosting sales and overall growth of a business. Today, we will learn about seven interesting features of a car dealership app which every auto buyer must know before investing.


The same formula also applies to car dealership apps as they help in engaging customers within the company. Creating customer-oriented and convenient mobile applications can help car dealers in attracting loyal customers and rapidly boost sales.


Why Prioritize Car Dealership Smartphone Applications?


Why Prioritize Car Dealership Smartphone Applications
Many experts and critics debate that car dealership mobile applications are quite hyped and believe that most auto buyers love to be conventional and shop offline. According to the recent statistics from the United States census bureau, the online market accounts for 4.2% of car sales this year. On the other hand, 60% (Approximately) of millennials believe that their favorite brands must have an easy-to–sc scan app to make shopping easy. The trend of the car dealership app is rapidly increasing, which will end the communication barrier between car dealers and customers. There are many car dealership apps available in the market. Take a look at Top 20 Car Dealership Apps to Buy & Sell Cars


Importance of Car Dealership App:


Importance of Car Dealership App

  • Branding:


A robust car dealership app loaded with AI or Artificial Intelligence-based features can help in attracting consumers. We all love to use an app with user-friendly designs and UI. At the same time, push notifications, and localized advertisements will boost the trust between car dealers and customers.


  • Customer Queries:


A car dealership app is an online showroom; hence you must ensure that every customer visiting your digital showroom is not disappointed. You can add information like pricing, inventory, discounts, details, and services in the app.


  • Customized Campaigns:


One of the prominent advantages of having a mobile app is it offers a customized user interface and campaigns to enhance credibility. Modern car dealership apps also send personalized notifications to all the users, which leads to customer retention.


7 Features of Car Dealership App:


1) Linking Customers:


Every customer loves to enjoy customer-oriented service, leading to a powerful client-to-client base, making it easy to manage sales and business for car dealers.


Car Dealership Apps help in Linking Customers


2) User Profile:


Nowadays, every mobile app or every website we use demands signup or login before getting access to the service. The same applies to a car dealership app where you offer all your customers to feed in their queries to provide personalized features. Having client information and queries will offer a client-based approach to all your customers.


Customized User Profile in Car Dealership App


3) Geo-Fencing:


It is a location-based feature that most auto dealers use to attract customers on their go. For example, you can alert about the nearest service center through smartphone push notifications. Auto dealers can also use geofencing to provide discounts and offers to customers availing of their service.


Geo Fencing to attract Customers


4) Information:


Well, it is one of the main reasons why your customer is using your dealership app. You can provide a lot of location-based information to retain invaluable customers.


Car Dealership Apps provide Location Based Information


5) Social Media Integration:


An app without social media is quite similar to a pot without a flower; hence integrating every possible social media site will help auto dealers boost customer count.


Social Media Integration


6) Booking:


Customers can buy new cars by trading in their old vehicle to the dealer in few clicks with a user-friendly dealership app.


Booking is easy with Car Dealership Apps


7) Chat:


All your customers must stay connected to your brand and your 24 x 7 dealership app; you need to accomplish client connectivity. You can also equip the app with chatbots that will offer answers to basic questions.


Chatbox integration

Apart from the above-mentioned features there are also various features like feedback, location based advertisements and much more interesting stuff to offer through a car dealership app.


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