Assistant Section Officer (ASO)


App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization deals with expanding an app’s discernibility in the app store with an intention to increase natural app downloads. For a fresh app, it is hard to find a place in the top five list, and the process is different from the established business. As a new publisher, you won’t have enough traffic to A/B test your store assets. It means that you need to target long-tail keywords to start gaining enough traffic for your experiments. Later on, you can aim to rank with more competitive keywords. The positioning of your app also depends upon the audience you are targeting.

Whether they are trying to find a solution to their specific requirement or trying to find something to kill some time. It is natural that among hundreds of apps available, people prefer to stick to the brand they are familiar with. If you have a well-recognised website for your business, you can quickly find your place among the audience on the app store. Almost 75% of the users download the app from the top five lists in the results. It is the reason that apps at the top of the searches have most downloads.

At Boffin Coders, we believe that to get a download is not the ultimate goal, but to find a relevant user of the app. There is no benefit if users download the app to kill some time and uninstall it shortly after. We help our clients to find relevant users for their app, those who are interested in doing business with you in the future. We can help you with placing advertisements, subscriptions and suggesting appropriate areas to place in-app purchases. It is in the start when you need to make efforts to get downloads to get your app recognised in the store, later on, once the app holds a stable position, you can generate satisfactory revenue.

Spending money to get downloads is not a long term solution, and you need to improvise your strategy for organic downloads. With regular updates and continuous efforts, you can ensure the app stay at the top and keep gaining downloads. People easily put their trust on an app which is recommended by other users, who have downloaded and used it earlier. We also concern about getting ratings and reviews on the app so people can get more information about the app along with the text content and app screenshots.