Boffin Coders is a leading On-demand app development company that provides Dating App Development Services. We shape innovative business ideas into excellent on-demand solutions by building highly interactive apps.
We can assist you with developing and launching your Dating app. Our dedicated on-demand app developers have years of knowledge in this particular field. We deliver a solution that best suits your business and helps the patients as quickly as possible.

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Dating apps are changing the industry by bringing immediate medical assistance to patients. The advancement of smartphone usage over the past few years has introduced opportunities for dating apps to become profitable businesses. Reaching patients in need has become easier with technology.

Dating apps allow people to connect based on their shared interests. People can find matches in real-time and start communicating through a single app. When we look at the growth of Dating apps, it is easy to conclude that we will see them growing in the future.


Our online dating app allows you to find a match based on favourites and interests they share. We provide exclusive features to help you manage your app.

Deciding the Layouts

You can customise the display of the dating app by choosing from various themes available, or you can provide your design.

Discussing the Features

You can discuss the features with our expert developers and choose what features to add. We can provide you with a list of possible features for your app.

Publishing Guidelines

After developing the app, we assist with publishing guidelines to successfully launch your app on different platforms.


Sign Up & Log In

Easily signup and log in with your existing email or phone number.

Profile Discovery Management

This feature allows users to manage their profile discovery settings at their convenience.

Profile Management

Users can personalise their profiles by adding a profile picture, bio, likes and dislikes.

Real-Time Chat Voice & Video

The app allows users to date online through real-time audio or video calling.

Swipe or Wink to Like

This feature allows users to like/dislike proposals by swiping or winking at the screen.

Chat Push Notifications

It allows the users to receive chat push notifications when they turn on the feature.

Location Based Suggestions

Users can turn on location-based suggestions to find dates near them.

Match Making Algorithm

We integrate AI into the match-making algorithm to find perfect matches for the user.

Social Sharing Option

It allows users to share their other social media accounts if they are interested in sharing.

Premium Features

You can reserve a few features for users willing to pay for the premium features.

Contact Us

Users can contact the dating app’s tech support for any concern/issue.

Log Out

Users can log out of their profile when not using the app.


Although developing an app sounds like a costly affair, a few factors affect the overall cost of development.

Features Complexity

Features Complexity

Complex features add up to the overall cost of development. Also, adding too many features affects the user experience mostly.
UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Different UI templates cost differently, and it should be a planned decision to provide the best user experience while keeping the cost to a minimum.
App Platform

App Platfor

It depends on whether you choose Android, iOS, or both. You can choose your favourite platform to launch your app.
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App Testing

To test an app before launch is necessary to keep things under check before representing your app in front of the users online.
App Hosting

App Hosting

App Hosting platforms play an essential role in filtering your target audience and thus come with the costs associated with them.
App Security

App Security

Security is always a concern for users to keep their data safe, and different security protocols most likely add to the overall costs.


Boffin Coders provide a customised app development environment for expanding your Dating app business. When you Hire Dating App Developers from us, you enter the doors of opportunity to build a creative app with the help of experienced developers.

Years Of Experience

Years of experience

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Experts Only

Experts Only

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

A Plan For Success

A Plan for Success


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The overall development cost depends on the in-depth features you integrate into the app. More features and customisation make it costlier than a standard app.

A standard app takes 10-12 days to complete. Further, it depends on the customised features, the complexity of the design, and the testing phase.

No. Boffin Coders charges for the app development and other requirements for launching the app at once. We don’t charge for technical help and re-coding during the development phase.