Flutter 3: Everything About Latest Features and Updates

What’s new in Flutter 3  It's only three months since the last update, yet Flutter 3 is here with latest features and Updates. Flutter helps developers to build apps for various platforms flawlessly. This technology never stops updating and bringing in adaptations. More than 5200 requests and contributions from developers worldwide have brought a stable platform for development. With this update, Flutter is now stable for macOS and Linux in addition to Windows. Also, there will n...Continue reading
It only has been a few months since Flutter released an update, and now it has come with another update, Flutter 2.10. With the help of multiple contributions worldwide, there are 1,843 issues closed successfully. Flutter is well-known in the modern market as a technology that helps developers build apps for different platforms. There were significant improvements in the last update. So, what makes this update remarkable?  1. Producing Apps on Windows  It was possible to buil...Continue reading
We see that many businesses have a mobile app, and these are small businesses apart from the market leaders like Amazon. In years the number of mobile apps online has increased drastically. Small and mid-size brands adopt mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps to stand out from the competition. The majority of the audience online uses smartphones to connect to the internet, an opportunity to target a large audience. Even with a large audience, it is crucial to make the right move while approac...Continue reading
The on-demand food delivery app development has increased since the intervention of the COVID-19 global pandemic in human life. Some modern scientists also call the millennial generation the nomad generation as we all depend on our smartphones as we can order whatever we need from our smartphones with the help of a few clicks. According to recent research, there has been a 30% increase in signups on Ubereats and other food delivery apps since 2019. Due to the increase in demand for ...Continue reading
We all still remember the day when we used to wait for an hour or two to get a chance to use the internet or complete our project in cybercafes. It was a decade ago sound’s too old, right. In the modern world, everyone has access to the internet hence we can perform all our tasks in a few minutes.A recent study also highlighted that around 230 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2021, nearly twice that of 140 billion mobile application downloads in 2016. So, the mobile applicati...Continue reading
Mobile app and web development have become prominent topics for discussion in the millennial generation. Flutter app development platform is rapidly becoming one of the popular web and app development platforms around the globe. That's why flutter app development company is in great demand. For some developer’s flutter is a trend that will last forever; while for others, it is a breeze that any other future technology will soon substitute. Without any doubt, the Flutter framework ...Continue reading
In the first year of the new decade, the world has witnessed an exponential rise in website, and mobile app development as all of us are somehow bound to the magnanimous attraction offered by the online market. We get to enjoy amazing discounts and can shop for all our necessities from our comfort zone. It might sound weird when we say you must feel proud when committing mistakes while developing a mobile application. Well, even some of the world’s best mobile app developers have made mobile a...Continue reading
In the digital era, mobile apps have become a significant part of everyday lives. Surprisingly, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users globally, which we feel is quite enough to define the demand for mobile applications. Whether we want to order our favourite food or book a cab, we have started depending a lot on mobile applications. But have you ever wondered how mobile apps are developed? The answer to this question is mobile app development frameworks. Mobile app development no...Continue reading
The time people spend on mobile apps daily is growing rapidly every year. According to recent research, an average adult spends around two and a half hours on a smartphone. Out of which, the majority of time is spent on social media, streaming applications, and other core functional applications like maps, phones, and messaging. Mobile app features play an important role here! For brands, the online market is one of the best places on earth to grow. The opportunities to attract sale...Continue reading
The rapidly increasing numbers of mobile users on earth have completely changed the way we used mobile applications. A few years back, most of us spent our time on social media apps. Still, most of the millennial generation is focused on AI or multiplayer-based games, and nothing is permanent in the digital world.According to a recent search, there are nearly 3.8 billion smartphone users all across the globe, which means serious competition among mobile app development companies. Your brand...Continue reading