XR, AR, VR, MR: Which reality is the Best?

XR, AR, VR, MR: Which reality is the Best?

App development attracts different age groups by providing a source of entertainment, shopping, and news. There are approximately 6.3 billion mobile app users. It makes perfect sense that a business would like to use app development as a platform to sell its products. It allows companies to market their products at low costs and target a large population. The success of a business depends on delivering valuable content to potential customers through app development. The engagement rates of app development are higher than those of a website, which encourages companies to work on their app development to use it to generate sales.


When you are sure about working on app development to sell your products to raise sales, it is better to display your products impressively. Many new technologies are emerging in the app development world that attract people more than the classical posting approach. One such technology includes AR and VR in app development to improve the online presence and keep yourself ahead of the competition.


Benefits of AR and VR in App Development


We can discuss a few benefits of AR and VR in app development to understand how they can help.


  • These can help minimize promotional and advertising efforts. People love to play with such tools, and it becomes easier to generate a connection with the customers. It helps create brand awareness, and potential customers return to check out new offers.


  • AR and VR allow people to try the product on themselves before they pay for it. It not only decreases the buyer’s remorse but also prevents returns and exchanges after buying. It increases sales as new customers can try a product for fun that they weren’t initially interested in.


  • It allows brands to stay in touch with their customers. It gives them content to go viral. It presents its clients with a sense of effort, showing that the brand is working to provide them with something interesting every time.


A recent technology is also gaining the attention of many users these days, aside from AR and VR. MR, or Mixed Reality is the latest form of virtual experience in the real world. Let us understand how these three differ. VR means developing a virtual reality world and putting it in front of the user as if it were there. AR, on the other hand, brings the digital object to the real world and lets you see how an object would look in the real world. While MR, or Mixed Reality not only displays a digital object in the real world, you can also interact with it. Imagine using a lamp you are about to buy. You can picture the lamp on your table and turn it on and off to see how well it will fit with your decor.


MR is still something that many people haven’t tried. People who are familiar with AR and VR find MR interesting. You still have time to give your customers a new experience, as new developments are still ongoing in MR. It becomes easy to attract customers in mixed reality situations where customers can use your products virtually.


People generally mistake AR, VR, and MR as a medium of entertainment and get misled that they can’t help you with raising sales. When customers have the opportunity to test more of your products, the chances are higher that they will go for the actual product. That is why new app development strategies also focus on these technologies, as they help add value to customers and create brand awareness. Another benefit of using MR is that it reduces the space required for displaying your product. When the product is on display in the real world, it requires massive space to stack and try the product. With MR, you don’t have to stack the actual product, and a customer can try the product in a much smaller area. The objects in MR are developed in such a way that they fit with the real environment on their own, giving the customer better accessibility than in AR. While VR and AR are still gaining interest among the online audience, it is good to start working on MR to stay ahead of time. In this way, you can establish a great impression of a leader in the market. You can present yourself as the only company that is making efforts while keeping the future of technology in mind.


As AR, VR, and MR are gaining popularity, it has given rise to the new term XR. XR or Extended Reality, is an umbrella term that describes empowering all technologies similar to AR, VR, and MR. XR acts as a branch that deals with creating solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Working towards XR is something that will benefit you in the long run, as this technology is still under development and has a long way to go. It is showing great acceptance among potential users, and blending your app development strategies with XR will benefit you more in the future.


While working online, it is always necessary to give the customers a topic to discuss. What can be a better topic than a technology that wasn’t there a few years ago and is getting better day by day? They have the power to both impress existing customers and attract new ones. It is time you start working with Boffin Coders and move from placing products on the users’ screens to their hands. You can minimize the possibilities of product exchange. The most beneficial aspect of implementing XR in your marketing is that you can decrease the rate of negative reviews. Users who have tried using your product in their personal space will get exactly what they need. For clothing houses or shoe stores, XR is an ideal solution because they don’t have to deal with the situation where customers try on multiple products before they purchase one. Customers can wear any number of clothes or shoes without tearing the real product. Whether they are home appliances or objects for home decor, how comfortable is it that a customer can put different accessories in particular places in their homes and decide what will be the best choice? Start working towards digital reality technology and adding value to your brand and customer service.