Top 10 Profitable Online Food Delivery Apps in the World

Top 10 Profitable Online Food Delivery Apps in the World


You can easily order food today from your mobile phone with the help of a food delivery app. There are a number of apps available that are beneficial for customers.

In this blog, we have collected 10 important and helpful food delivery apps that you can install on your phone.

If we check the stats from Statista, revenue from the food and grocery delivery market was 24.99 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and it is expected to be 72.34 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.


Revenue of the last-mile food and grocery delivery market worldwide in 2020 and 2025


Revenue of the last-mile Food Delivery App


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Top 10 Profitable Online Food Delivery Apps


So many mobile apps are available that offer and deliver food to customers’ doorsteps. These are 20 incredible apps for ordering food and getting it delivered to your door.




Uber Eats - Food Delivery App


Uber has developed its food delivery application. You can use this app to place meal orders from restaurants close to where you are. By using various filters for food categories, food outlets, cuisine, and more, you may focus your search. You can use your existing Uber account to directly pay for the delivery. Cash, credit cards, or wallets are all acceptable forms of payment. The fact that you can utilize Uber Eats while traveling internationally is a significant benefit. Its services are provided in the selected cities of numerous countries. Unique app features are Group orders (so friends and colleagues can easily split the cost)




Zomato - Food Delivery App


Zomato is a popular app used all over the world for finding new restaurants and even placing takeaway orders. Zomato was first established in 2008 as Foodiebay, a website for finding and ordering food from restaurants. The Indian company performed in its home market. Zomato is now available in more than 10,000 cities and 24 countries worldwide. You may look through the restaurant’s images, menus, and reviews to make your decision and even utilize their map tool to get directions. You can search by name, cuisine, geography, or even pre-made collections.


Toast TakeOut:


Toast TakeOut - Food Delivery App


With Toast TakeOut, restaurants can control their profits and customer relationships by offering commission-free pickup and delivery. There is no doubt that it is a game-changer in the market for enterprise delivery apps. Designed by restaurant people, for restaurant people, it offers a full range of delivery solutions.




Grubhub - Food Delivery App


Grubhub is another food delivery app that offers a variety of restaurant options. Its unique feature is that you can order food for pickup if you don’t want it delivered. With more than 365,000 restaurant partners in more than 4,000 U.S. locations, Grubhub is a component of Just Eat, a major international online food delivery marketplace.




DoorDash - Food Delivery App


DoorDash offers fast and efficient food delivery services. Due to its vast restaurant network, you can easily find a restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine. Doordash connects customers with nearby businesses by offering restaurant food delivery services. The business is committed to allowing new modes of working, earning, and living and is passionate about improving small local enterprises. Doordash is bringing communities closer by constructing the last-mile delivery infrastructure for neighborhood cities. It allows clients to access their preferred local and international restaurants. Andy Fang, Evan Moore, Stanley Tang, and Tony Xu established the company as in 2013, which became DoorDash, Inc. in October 2014. In California’s San Francisco, it has its main office.




Eat24 - Food Delivery App


Eat24 is a food delivery app that offers a wide selection of food options from different restaurants. A unique feature of the app is its loyalty program that rewards customers for frequent ordering. Eat24 is a web-based food delivery business that collaborates with neighborhood eateries. is cost-free, easy to use, has a free mobile site, simple reordering, and easy preordering, and its Eat24 VIP club grants access to special deals and content. Eat24 was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.




Postmates - Food Delivery App


Postmates is an app that delivers food, groceries, and other items. With instant delivery, your order will be delivered within minutes of placing it. Food delivery service Postmates was established in 2011 and was purchased by Uber in 2020. It provides local delivery of meals made by restaurants as well as other products. In California’s San Francisco, it has its main office.




Seamless - Food Delivery App


With Seamless, you can order food from a wide variety of restaurants. A unique feature of the app is the ability to reorder your favorite meals. To make searches easier, Seamless offers more features. Together with each participating restaurant, it offers ratings of the delivery times. Also, if a minimum order amount is required by the restaurant or a delivery fee is indicated on the order page, this enables us to make swift decisions. After choosing an order and putting it in the cart, the app allows us to make in-app payments or pay on delivery. Pay on delivery, however, was excluded because of the epidemic. The app gives us the option to select pick-up or home delivery when we are checking out.




Caviar - Food Delivery App


Caviar is a high-end food delivery app that offers a distinctive dining experience. It provides food alternatives from high-end restaurants and has a quick and effective delivery service. - Food Delivery App has established a vast network and market with delivery options for restaurants, laundry, groceries, and alcohol. is a great option for eateries that can manage frequent catering-sized orders because so many offices use it to purchase food.


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