Web App Development Do’s and Don’ts to follow in 2022

Web App Development Do’s and Don’ts to follow in 2022

In recent years, web app development for enterprises has grown rapidly with new trends coming into the market. The demand for Custom Web Application Development Services is also increasing exponentially as brands want to create the best web-based applications to target consumers and outperform their potential competitors.


According to recent research by Forrester, “The web applications which brands launch on the internet can be a make or break for the online venture of their business. Therefore, it is paramount to partner with the best Custom Web App Development Company to incorporate the latest trends and develop a robust web-based application using cutting-edge technologies.


One of the most common mistakes small and medium scaled organizations make they still use old-school strategies while developing web-based applications. It is essential to adopt modern technologies to attract target consumers and generate better ROI or Returns on Investment.


Web App Development Dos & Don’ts


Today, we will discuss some of the prominent web app development dos and don’ts that you can eliminate in 2022.


Don’t: Building web-based applications from your perspective


The first and foremost mistake brands make while launching a web-based application or software for their business is not adopting a user-centric approach. You are building an application for the users; hence, if they get confused while using your application, what is the point of building it?


Do you remember HP calculators, which were the first-ever calculators in the history of humanity? They were great for mathematicians, but nobody else could perform calculations due to their complicated infrastructure. Therefore, you have to build a web-based application that is quite easy to understand for common people. Ultimately, you want them to be your regular customers and not random visitors.



Do: Defining the goal behind development


There must be a strong or valid reason behind your startup; hence you must also have an aim or a goal on why you are launching a web-based application for your business. So, you will have to categorize a user’s needs while developing a web-based application with out-of-the-box ideas. There are too many options available in the market; hence you will have to ensure that all your users feel special every time they launch your application.



Don’t: Building only for PC Users


A common mistake most small and medium scaled organizations make is they always prioritize PC users compared to mobile users. According to recent research, most millennials love to use a smartphone to research their favourite products before shopping. You should never put all your eggs in one basket; therefore, ask your professional web development company to build a responsive web-based application that works well on both smartphones, I-pad, and desktops.



Do: Providing room for latest tools and technologies


There is no doubt using the latest tools and APIs will help you in retaining your audience. On the other hand, using the newest tools might not guarantee competition as sometimes keeping things simple might also work well. Using new technologies can enhance user engagement; hence you can have the upper hand over your competitors.



Don’t: Having direct access to user-supplied information


If you are accessing information directly from the database provided by the users, you are risking your application’s safety. However, not all users are attackers who would love to inject a malicious aspect into your web-based application, yet you also not ignore the fact that the cyber-attacks are increasing. Therefore, you should always have a habit of sanitizing the database before accessing it and following the basic security principles to prevent cyber-attacks.



Do: Improvising the loading speed and performance of the custom web-based application


As there are tons of options available on the internet people, don’t have the patience to wait more than 30 seconds. If the loading speed of your website is more than 30 seconds, then your SERP’s ranking will also get adversely affected. Therefore, you need to focus on improving the loading speed and performance of your website or application.



Don’t: Having an impractical budget in mind


We all want a web application that ranks on the top, but when it comes to reality, we also don’t want to spend a lot of money on development. Therefore, it is vital to plan a budget and complete the development process within the framed budget. You should also not compromise with cheaper and ineffective technologies as you go with less but go for the best.



Do: Focus on the functionality of the custom web application


Apart from budget, design, and performance, you must also prioritize the web-based application’s user interface and user experience. More the merrier feature doesn’t work well here; hence having sufficient options will need to develop a robust web-based application.


Don’t: Ignoring the significance of SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is quite important for your website or app to perform well on the Google search engine result pages, also known as SERP’s. Ignoring SEO is like digging the grave of your business on your own, which you would never like to happen. Therefore, you have to include all the necessary SEO strategies or hire a well-experienced professional web design and development company that has the experience of building SEO friendly web applications.



Do: Performing rigorous beta-testing before launching the application


Before you launch the web application in the market, it must undergo all the necessary beta-testing to correct errors. Testing is an essential stage during the developmental phase of the process as it ensures that your app hits the market at absolute efficiency. You have to also select a web-development company that delivers your product on the allocated timeline.



The latest trends in web development to watch out for in 2022


 1) How PWA or Progressive Web Applications Will Change The Trend?


The PWA or Progressive Web Applications were introduced in 2018, which work on special technologies and look quite similar to native applications. They don’t consume a lot of data, making them quite affordable. The designs of the progressive web applications are responsive, making them mobile-friendly, and most importantly, they offer a secured environment. Although building progressive web applications that provide a native app-like experience is not cheap, the love users have showcased in using progressive web applications is worth the expense.


2) AI or Artificial Intelligence:


Artificial intelligence has done wonders in web development by introducing “Chat bots’ who are available 24/7 for customer queries. One of the best advantages of having AI-enabled chatbots is you no longer have to depend on or hire a support centre for customer queries. Deploying chatbots on your website is cheaper and effective. Moreover, customers have also taken a keen interest in communicating with chatbots.



3) Voice-search:


In recent years, the number of users incorporating the application of voice search and assistants have increased exponentially. Most people are using voice assistants to listen to songs or find the price of their favourite product. Although it is not easy to incorporate all the synonyms, phrases, and terms in your web application, it can be game-changing to offer an incredible user experience to all your visitors.


Bottom Line:


Developing a custom web application using the latest trends and technologies is paramount, but no trend or technology is greater than practical experience; therefore, you have to consult a professional web developer to finalize what technologies will work well for your venture.