Top 6 YouTube Keyword Research Tools Use in 2022

Top 6 YouTube Keyword Research Tools Use in 2022

In recent years, YouTube has placed itself among the top Search Engines. People find it helpful to find solutions for their entertainment, learn something new, news, and daily tricks. YouTube has highly influenced the market, and now it is the second most preferred search engine. One of the reasons is that the creators on YouTube are determined to make full use of YouTube SEO strategies. YouTube SEO marketing is one of the most necessary elements of one’s success on this platform.


Marketers are always looking for keywords that can drive more traffic with the quality content they create. They must understand the importance of these two factors to end with a successful channel on YouTube. It has become crucial for every YouTube enthusiast to learn ways to use keywords for the success of their Channel. At a point, every creator looks forward to adding ads to their videos, and only the right keywords would help their viewers find the ads relevant.


The right choice of keywords can be a game-changer. This tool helps us to brings the right audience to a particular video, and they were searching for the exact thing. It also ensures that the products target the right audience and bring in the best engagement. It makes your content reach the people for whom you made the video in the first place. There are many tools available in the market to choose the right keywords for your content.


1. Google Trends


As we all know, Google is the official owner of YouTube now, and Google Trends by Google is undoubtedly the best tool for searching for keywords for YouTube. Google Trends is a free tool that offers filters to narrow your keyword search results. Also, you can use it for comparing different keywords and choosing what keyword is the most relevant to your content, along with being the highest traffic gainer.


It has a “Trends” feature that displays potential topics on YouTube that people are recently watching the most. This tool graphs the progress of a specific keyword just like any other SEO tool.


2. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a simple Google Chrome extension, and many people misunderstand the use of this tool. This tool works directly on YouTube through the browser’s window. It is helpful to research the relevant long-tail keywords. When you put words that describe your content in the search bar, it displays multiple keywords that relate to your content within no time. It shows you the score of the keywords you searched. Not only this, it indicates the most appropriate title and description length for your content to make it more search engine friendly. It is free to install and makes it easy to compare different keywords.


3. VidIQ


VidIQ is a tool similar to TubeBuddy, and it also comes as an extension to Google Chrome. It helps the video creators to find the best keywords to improve the content’s search. This tool displays keyword term’s competition, overall keyword score, and highest-ranking keywords from the top videos. This tool helps creators look closely into what the top spots in the competition are doing. It is helpful for those creators who are determined to use only the right keywords for their videos.


4. AHREFs Keyword Explorer


AHREFs Keyword Explorer is a tool that has millions of keywords stored in its database. This is an all-in-one tool that gives you results based on the performance of keywords on YouTube and ten different search engines. It is easy to use, all you have to do is enter your keyword in the search bar, and its dashboard will return with the keyword choices from the top searches globally. It shows the overall score of the keyword along with the click content that the keyword has.


5. YouTube AutoSuggest


YouTube AutoSuggest is a tool with a unique feature. This tool has a dropdown menu to suggest additional phrases when you type your keyword in the search bar. This tool is a pocket-friendly tool as it comes for free, and the keywords it fetches comes from the most searched queries. It can help you find the topic people are looking for on YouTube. It is a perfect tool for creators who wish to create something unique for their viewers.


6. Keyword Tool Dominator


Keyword Tool Dominator is one of the top keyword generating tools, and it is a perfect tool for newcomers who are not familiar with using keyword searching tools. It displays you a list of relevant keywords when you search for something in its search bar, and you can export a custom list from the same screen. It gives only two to three free daily searches, but you can purchase its one-time subscription if you wish to use it more often.


Choosing appropriate keywords is crucial for YouTube creators who wish to optimize their Channel according to the search engines. You can learn better about the ways to make your videos visible to the audience, which you haven’t explored before.