Doctor appointment booking app

Top 8 Features of a Doctor Appointment Booking App


Apps can be helpful to make a doctor’s life easier. It’s a challenging task to manage everything manually for doctors. There are a lot of things that need to be digitized in every clinic. Here are the details of the features that can be beneficial for doctors if they use the Doctor Appointment Booking app. Using a doctor’s or clinic’s app will show you how much simpler it is to keep things organized.


Record Keeping


To manage records of patients and their reports, the app can provide you with convenient help. Doctors can enter patient information once, which will remain saved for years until deleted. It’s easier to search for any report or patient record with the help of the app. Docon already provides this feature. This platform has gotten a lot of recommendations from doctors to use digital clinics to save records.


Online Doctor Consultation


In today’s busy world, online consultation with a doctor is in high demand, and an online doctor app can provide a solution. Doctors can set their availability, and patients can ask for an online consultation. MFine is the best platform for providing this facility and also provides the facility to book online lab tests. More features can be found at MFine.


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Pre-booking an Online Appointment


A patient can book his appointment via the app. This will decrease the crowd in the clinic, and doctors can easily attend to patients as per their booking schedule. Practo is the best platform for making this feature more accessible. Appointment booking, rescheduling, and cancellation are available with Practo.




With the use of the doctor app, a doctor may effortlessly manage many clinics, staff members, and junior doctors who work under him. Healthplix is a good example to describe this feature and the best platform that is providing this feature for doctors to register their clinic.


Guidance after Treatment:


The app can provide you with a feature where patients can ask questions and doctors can reply. This can save time for both patients and doctors. Patients don’t need to visit the doctor for every small query. The doctor can reply to his query via the app. Lybrate is the best platform where a lot of people are asking questions and doctors are giving opinions.


Nutrition Counseling:


When doctors can provide diet suggestions in the app, it can make patients’ lives easier. Amwell is the best example of a feature that offers this service and can be helpful when a doctor needs to advise a patient to take more precautions related to food items. The doctor can easily advise on food items by adding them to the app’s template chart. Amell is also best at providing health insurance plans.


In-App Payment Option:


A patient can pay a fee to a doctor via an app. We can integrate a payment module in the app where patients can easily pay and can take online consultations.


Activity Tracker:


We can have a template in the app where patients can fill in details recorded on the activity tracker. Patients can use any smart fitness tracker to monitor their heart rates and other activities, and doctors can easily provide basic initial treatment based on these factors.


How to Save Time & Money with this Online Booking App


Save Time:


A doctor can save a lot of time by using an online app. There is no time wasted in manually searching patient records from registers.


Save money:


A doctor needs less staff in his clinic with this app. A lot of people are required to manage everything manually. The app will handle the majority of the work. As a result, less manpower is required, and a lot of money can be saved.


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