Incredible Features your Grocery Delivery App Must Have

In 2023, there will be a rising number of grocery-related mobile apps as they become more popular. Today, mobile devices are used for two-thirds of online grocery orders. In a survey, it was shown that 43% of customers were using mobile apps for grocery stores.


After COVID, the trend to buy from the grocery store by visiting has completely changed. Following this incident, on-demand grocery apps became extremely popular.


It was a stressful and time-consuming task to go to the grocery store. Now with mobile apps, this task has become a blessing when you c an get fresh produce, dairy products, and other necessities for your home delivered to your door.


In this blog, you will learn all about grocery delivery app development services.


There are three basic modules are required in Grocery Delivery App:


Customer App:


The customer part of the grocery delivery app is this. In a summary, this is the one that your clients will utilize. It enables consumers to open the grocery shopping app, pick a nearby retailer, place their order, and process their payment.


Driver App:


This is part of the grocery delivery app which is going to be used by delivery people.


Admin Panel:


To successfully run all of your services and manage your online business, you must have an admin panel. Owners of retail stores and those in charge of managing and operating services use this web-based tool. Important tasks like accepting or rejecting orders, maintaining them, listing the products, fixing prices, etc. are carried out by it.


Required Features in Customer App to Manage Orders for Grocery:


Find the nearest store: This feature is the most important feature. The user has the option to find his near store by using his geolocation. He can also check the distance of each store and can order from the nearest store for fast delivery.


Cart: Like every shopping website, a cart is required in this app. Users can add, edit, and delete any product from the cart. He/She can match his/her list of items required with cart items and can add or delete as per requirement.


History of payments and orders: This app must have a feature related to the history of payments and orders. History can help users to re-order required items again without exploring all products again. With payment history, it’s easy to check prices and it can help the user to maintain his budget.


Offers: Customers always became happy to have good offers. So he can check offers and coupons available and can buy products with mentioned offers.


Online payment: Online payment options must be there in the app. With the emergence of pandemics, consumers have begun to prefer online payment as a safer and more convenient method of payment. Therefore, your grocery app must have an option for online payment.


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Delivery Management Features Required in On-Demand Grocery App:


Registration: Every delivery person using your grocery platform must register, therefore this section is essential for the delivery side. With this, your company or vendors may confirm the courier person. As a result, your services are more secure and safe, and every order can be monitored more effectively. This must be a Requirement for delivery staff to finish the registration and verification process. The delivery side should only be permitted to accept and deliver orders once the verification process is complete. You can increase your client’s faith in you by doing this.


Order Management: The delivery team can monitor and check for order requests using the “manage order” tool, and they will have the choice to accept or reject the requests as necessary. The delivery side can monitor and check for order requests using the “manage order” tool, and they will have the choice to accept or reject the requests as necessary.


Track location: To assist the delivery person in locating the delivery, GPS tracking, and navigation capability is crucial. They can locate the most efficient route and complete the delivery on time by using an integrated navigation system.


Information for time required to deliver: The delivery person can use this function to update the order’s delivery status after picking it up. The choices for status updates are pending delivery, late delivery, and more. Customers will have the option of getting a message or notification about status updates. Customers and the delivery side can easily communicate delivery messages in this way.


E-wallet: Depending on your grocery delivery company model, the delivery person can accept payments for the order delivered from consumers or from grocery stores with the help of a digital wallet. The delivery person has the option to withdraw this cash from the wallet whenever they like.


History: There must be a feature that allows users to view their order history. It makes it easier for the delivery team to keep track of the deliveries they do and the payment they receive for each transaction.


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Admin Panel Features in On-Demand Grocery Delivery App:


To successfully manage your online business and run all of its services, you must have an admin panel. The owners of the stores and the individuals in charge of managing/operating the services use this web-based software. It carries out important tasks like managing orders, approving or rejecting them, listing products, setting prices, etc.


Here is the list of features required:


Register Profile: The admin panel needs registration and profile management features. In fact, it is one of the aspects of grocery ordering and delivery apps that work with all three categories of mobile apps. Many vendors can register with your company and use this panel to manage their data. They can add new products, update their existing ones, alter prices, and more.


Manage orders: This feature is essential for your grocery app since it enables grocery retailers or you to assign orders. It enables you to assign orders to various delivery persons in accordance with their availability.


Dashboard: You can easily manage your store with the dashboard. With the help of this feature, the admin can see all the essential dashboard features, including orders, payments, and deliveries.


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