Top 30 On-Demand App Ideas to Start Business in 2022

Top 30 On-Demand App Ideas to Start Business in 2022

On-demand apps are everywhere. Mobile users have at least one such application installed on devices to ease daily demand. People find it convenient to perform different duties on a single device. For this reason, on-demand apps bring profits to businesses that deliver services without a physical store.


What Exactly Is An On-Demand App?


An On-Demand App is a mediator between a customer and a business. The idea is to bring the customer closer to the company using a mobile device. Whenever there is a successful purchase, the app takes its service charges. Imagine that you don’t want to spend time looking for a taxi, you book one through the app, and it will arrive at your requested location.


How does it work?


  • A business lists its services in an account.
  • A request for a specific product brings the customer to the business
  • The service provider answers the request and connects with the customers using an in-app messenger
  • The customer makes payment through a gateway
  • The customer can leave a review and rating.


Types of On-Demand Apps


  • Business to Customer (B2C)


B2C is a common type of service-providing mechanism. The business sells a product or service to the customer. Apps such as Netflix charge directly from their customers to provide their services.


  • Business to Business (B2B)


The company combines with another business to increase profit. Apps such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics are examples of this type of on-demand app.


  • Customer 2 Customer (C2C)


An app can provide a platform for different customers to connect for their mutual benefit. A customer may provide a service that someone else requires. Uber and Olx are the types of C2C apps.


Top 30 On-Demand Apps


 1. Doctor Booking App


There are times when there is a medical emergency, and no one is near to attend to you when you are sick. Then booking a doctor through an app is a reliable option for getting professional advice for your ailment.


 2. Payments App


Cashless payments have become a trend. Also, not carrying cash gives a sense of security towards the fear of theft. The use of NFC technology helps make payments with no manual work.


 3. Laundry App


The laundry service is a basic need, yet it has shown significant profits in the past few years. There is a possibility that this business will expand in future.


 4. Insurance App


Insurance Apps reduce the paperwork and help in submitting the request application for processing far quicker than traditional paperwork.


 5. Car Wash App


Every car owner loves to see their motor shining and clean. It becomes much more comfortable for them to get the job done from their mobile devices.


 6. Flight Booking App


The websites do a good job of booking flights, but mobile apps save time and effort. It also saves money that one spends on the agents to book flights.


 7. Video Streaming App


Video streaming apps are earning handsome amounts these days. They provide a source of entertainment and have changed the way people used to watch videos.


 8. Translation Service


Some apps translate languages. It is a highly appreciated idea that helps foreign travelers to connect with the local people.


 9. Lawn Caring App


Just like house cleaning, lawn care operates similarly. Removing snow from the lawn or setting up a garden, this app can help with keeping your lawn and parking organized.


 10. Dropshipping App


It is an evolving idea. The company service doesn’t need to deliver to your doorstep. Instead, they can take help from another user who is willing to do the job.


 11. Organiser Service


It is for the people who need assistance organizing stuff at their homes. It includes making arrangements to utilize the available carpet area, drawers, or cupboards so things look well-organized and easy to find.


 12. Errand Running Service


This type of app gives people to earn extras from doing small jobs for someone else. Users can put their requests in the app, and people willing to do the job at that moment can connect through the app.


 13. Sanitisation Service


After the outburst of CoVID-19 sanitisation becomes a regular practice, and apps providing door-to-door sanitisation services become more common.


 14. Tutor Booking App


Through time, people have started to opt for personal tutors for their children. Online service is the easiest way to find qualified and experienced tutors for their kids. Platforms like Byju’s and Udemy are delivering certifications in different areas along with personalised learning modules.


 15. Baby and Pet Sitting App


Babies and pets share a common trait. They seek attention. Working parents always need someone to look after their babies, and developing an app to provide this service will never bring loss to the business.


 16. Grocery App


Grocery is a daily need, and people still don’t put all their trust in grocery apps. People like using grocery apps as it saves their time, and grocery apps tend to grow smoothly in future.


 17. Food Delivery App


Imagine you are exhausted from work and don’t want to cook anymore. An app can make it easy for you to search for your favourite meal and deliver it to your door. The food delivery service is getting better day by day and ensures the long run of the business.


 18. Liquor Delivery App


Organising parties and social gatherings have become easier with on-demand apps. You can order liquor online, while you are making the decorations.


 19. Beauty Service


Women love to visit places and look beautiful everywhere they visit. They spend lots of money and time at the parlours. A beauty service app can save those efforts.


 20. Packers And Movers Service


It is easier to find reliable packers and movers online when there are people reviews on the app. It helps people find efficient packers and movers services.


 21. Travelling Apps


Finding means of transportation has become so easy that it only takes a few taps and swipes to book one. Apps like Uber and Lyft have affected the way people used to travel before. From booking cabs to booking flights, apps can help people in every situation.


 22. Fashion Apps


If you need quick solutions to decide on clothes for you to wear at some event, fashion apps are designed for you. Apps are evolving by including AR and VR to show you virtually how different clothes will look on you. You can precisely choose what you want to wear.


 23. Mechanics Apps


If you are stuck at a remote place where you can’t find help or want to make quick repairs to the motor vehicle or a machine, some apps are there for that purpose. They provide quick solutions to your problems.


 24. Plumbing Apps


Running pipes is a common issue in any house. Calling a plumber to fix leaking pipes itself takes a long time. Plumbing apps help find plumbers nearby to get the job done within a few hours.


 25. Healthcare Apps


After the year 2020, people have become more health-conscious. People try to stay fit and healthy, and they don’t lose the chance for extra suggestions from experts.

Healthcare apps help users to track their daily medical progress and provide professional assistance whenever required.


 26. Plant Maintenance App


Planting is a great hobby for someone to have. House plants remove toxicity and freshen up the surroundings. Plant maintenance apps sell different plants along with the manual to grow them the right way indoors.


 27. House Cleaning Apps


People have picked up the trend to hire a maid to clean the entire house from time to time. House-cleaning apps make it easier to contact a house-cleaning service and it takes no time to hire a maid.


 28. Dog Walking Apps


Everyone loves having a pet to play with and relax their minds. But because of their busy schedules, they cannot take their pet for a walk daily. Dog Walking app helps them to find someone who can give their pets special care in their absence.


 29. E-learning Apps


2020 has changed many minds towards the digital methods of learning. Thus digital platforms are now trusted as a reliable medium to find learning courses and teachers.


 30. Rideshare Apps


Carpooling was never promoted so well before. Not only taxi services, but customer-to-customer service is emerging in the Rideshare apps. A person driving to a certain location can pick up another person on his way, once they both have communicated their terms within the app.




How Long Does it Takes to Build an On-Demand App?


Small projects can be completed in 3-4 weeks. While complex projects need more attention and about 7-12 weeks.


Do On-Demand Apps Have Any Future?


The on-demand market is showing significant growth in the past few years. It is easy to deduce that it will reach $335 billion by the year 2025.


What are Some Trending Service Apps?


  • PDF scanners and converters
  • Railway Tracking
  • Language Learning Apps
  • Healthcare and Doctor Service
  • Voice Translation




People are willing to spend extra money to save their time and effort. The on-demand apps are not going down for a long time, as people find them the most helpful asset in the present time. If you are looking forward to developing an app for your business, then it is high time that you get involved with trending technology to make profits.

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