Top 10 Real estate Apps For Buyers & Sellers in 2022

Top 10 Real estate Apps For Buyers & Sellers in 2022


There is no denying that many people spend considerable time using phones, and companies try to stay connected with their customers through modern means. The studies show that about 55% of the audience expects a company to have their app. Not being a part of the trend will make your loyal customers flee to similar companies. It will cost you lose money and your most precious assets, your customers.


According to a survey, most people looking for a property use mobile apps to look for offers, prices, and the latest releases. A real estate apps help the customers to reach you, and it is convenient for you to advertise deals through the app. It is easy to track your returning customers, and you can present them with offers to build a loyal relationship.


How A Real Estate App Can be Helpful


  • Brand Image


A personalised platform always helps to build customers’ trust. Push notifications help to keep your customers updated with new offers. Your personalised theme and logo make a place in the market and thus contribute to the brand value.


  • Customised Campaigns


A mobile app enables you to design a personalised user interface that can focus on your target audience. The exclusive features help customers search for a house in a specific location. It leads customers down the sales funnel.


  • Customer Loyalty


An app helps to present offers to returning customers. It brings trust to new customers and builds loyalty among existing customers. Customers can research prices and offers, giving them more flexibility by using your app.


  • Boost Revenue Through Servicing


Reminders for availability are a helpful and effective way to stay in touch with customers. It allows you not to stop when there is no property available in the user’s requested area, but you can provide updates about the availability in the future. It helps you to grab ample opportunity to generate revenue in the long run. A survey says that customers who use branded mobile apps for property deals are most likely to recommend them to others.


Top 10 Real Estate Apps


 1. Zillow


Zillow is the most used app for searching properties in the USA. It features owners to screen tenants and receive rent online. The owners can post house images, and tenants can connect with the owner via messages on the app itself.

Zillow App

Zillow App


2. Xome


Xome features geolocation searching and virtual tour. A virtual tour helps you look around the house in the app before you decide to visit the place in person. The properties listed feature family homes, townhomes, and apartments.XomeXome



3. Deal Check


Deal Check is a popular real estate app. It has a rental cost calculation mechanism that eases the work of the owners. Real estate investors, realtors, agents, and wholesalers find this app the most useful for them.


Deal Check

Deal Check


4. Bigger Pockets


Bigger Pockets is more like an educational app having articles and videos about real estate. It acts like a guide for choosing a property and lets you connect with an agent through the app.

Bigger Pockets Bigger Pockets


5. LoopNet Real Estate


Loopnet is an app for both tenants and lenders. It displays in-depth details of the property along with high-definition images.

LoopNet Real Estate

LoopNet Real Estate


6. Dotloop


Dotloop is an app that helps agents and investors by providing a transaction management system. It is more of an organisation platform that can access transactions on any device.





 7. Redfin Houses for Sale & Rent


Redfin updates its listings frequently, and a buyer can contact the seller to get information about the property and learn the final price for the selected property.


Redfin Houses for Sale & Rent

Redfin Houses for Sale & Rent


8. Houzz Pro


Houzz Pro is an app for investors that assist with furniture and interior design. It has a web portal that gives more features, like contractors and professionals for interior designing

Houzz PRO


9. Homesnap


Homesnap is a popular app where customers can connect to agents to find the right property. The agents are experienced and help customers with real-time data.




10. Trulia


Trulia is an app that can help you find a property in a suitable neighbourhood. It has many map overlays and real-time alerts, saving you time and energy.





Property dealing is a progressing industry, and so is the mobile development sector. The inclusion of technology is a possible solution to take the real estate sector to a new level. Customers are using mobile phones for hours, and expanding the business using a personalised app can be a game changer for your business. Contact Boffin Coders to learn how mobile apps affect the way of real estate business with the modern audience.


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