Flutter 3.10 – What’s New In Flutter

As Flutter is getting more popular day by day, with every release, it provides new features. Google built the open-source Flutter mobile app development framework. A new Flutter is being released on May 10, 2023.   This new release brings a host of new features and improvements that are designed to make mobile app development faster, easier, and more flexible than ever before.   Overall, Flutter 3.10 is a major release that brings a number of new features and improvements to the Fl...Continue reading
With the recent release of Flutter 3.7, the mobile app development platform gained a number of new features and enhancements. You can now use tools to enable improved internationalization, make use of new debugging tools, and construct custom menu bars and cascading menus.   Together with these new features, previous features have also been improved. They include the quicker global selection tool, the Impeller rendering system, and the capacity to share resources between platforms.  ...Continue reading
FlutterFlow is a visual app builder that allows a person build an app without any coding. It has elemental templates that you can drag-and-drop to create an impressive app interface. Its simple interface can create a basic app to a professional app with simple functions. It has a support for both Android and iOS, which comes with various templates.   FlutterFlow is based on the Popular Google Flutter Framework, and you can write in Dart, an easy to learn programming language. It has a vis...Continue reading
Google is ready with the new Flutter update, Flutter 3.3, and the developers are excited to know its features. Flutter is a cross-platform open source UI software development kit popular among developers. Google releases its updates frequently based on the multiple requests developers make across the globe. It encourages developers to submit their suggestions and regular updates are a valuable response to them. This blog will discuss what developers will get in the Flutter 3.3 update.   M...Continue reading
What’s new in Flutter 3   It's only three months since the last update, yet Flutter 3 is here with latest features and Updates. Flutter helps developers to build apps for various platforms flawlessly. This technology never stops updating and bringing in adaptations. More than 5200 requests and contributions from developers worldwide have brought a stable platform for development. With this update, Flutter is now stable for macOS and Linux in addition to Windows. Also, there will n...Continue reading
It only has been a few months since Flutter released an update, and now it has come with another update, Flutter 2.10. With the help of multiple contributions worldwide, there are 1,843 issues closed successfully. Flutter is well-known in the modern market as a technology that helps developers build apps for different platforms. There were significant improvements in the last update. So, what makes this update remarkable?   1. Producing Apps on Windows   It was possible to buil...Continue reading
Mobile app and web development have become prominent topics for discussion in the millennial generation. Flutter app development platform is rapidly becoming one of the popular web and app development platforms around the globe. That's why flutter app development company is in great demand. For some developer’s flutter is a trend that will last forever; while for others, it is a breeze that any other future technology will soon substitute.   Without any doubt, the Flutter framework ...Continue reading
We all still remember the day when we used to wait for an hour or two to get a chance to use the internet or complete our project in cybercafes. It was a decade ago sound’s too old, right. In the modern world, everyone has access to the internet hence we can perform all our tasks in a few minutes. A recent study also highlighted that around 230 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2021, nearly twice that of 140 billion mobile application downloads in 2016. So, the mobile applicati...Continue reading