10 Most Popular WordPress Themes You Should Be Using in 2022

10 Most Popular WordPress Themes You Should Be Using in 2022


The internet influences people these days, and we can see lots of websites arriving online every day to surf on the high tides. Small and big businesses are trying to reach the audience beyond their limits from the past with the websites. Attractive designs and a responsive approach attract users to maximize their online experience. Many websites launch online, and as a relief to the latency, WordPress, released in 2003, plays a vital role. No one wishes to stay behind their competitor, which applies to building websites. WordPress is a solution for everyone who is trying to headstart online. It is necessary that you don’t make mistakes even with WordPress in haste, as the choice of a theme can be the difference between a win or loss. The most popular and best WordPress themes on the market should be used in 2022. These are..


1. BeTheme



Be Theme


BeTheme is a customizable theme that is ready to configure for any website type. It can builds responsive websites flawlessly, and more than 650 pre-developed websites are there using BeTheme. It provides layouts for single and multiple products with features like wish lists and carts. It offers more than 40 features that help enhance the user experience on mobile devices and computers. BeTheme is SEO friendly and super attractive. On the plus, it offers free lifetime updates as well.


2. Total WordPress Theme



total theme



Total WordPress Theme is developer-friendly, and its extended version comes with more than 100 builder elements. It has a live customizer settings feature to change colours, fonts, and the main settings on a dynamic template. Sliders, local scroll, and full-screen rows make it an ideal solution for those looking for a theme for a single-page website. A library with action hooks, custom code snippets, and filters makes it developers’ first choice.


3. Avada Theme


Avada Theme



If you are going to build a responsive website, you deserve nothing less than the bestselling theme Avada. It can create anything that comes to your mind with more than 40 one-click importable demos and 50+ design elements. It has a simple drag and drop page building mechanism that adapts to every screen size. This building mechanism works with three key features, Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options, and Fusion Builder.


4. TheGem






TheGem is a theme for everyone. It has more than 400 customizable creative pre-built one page and multipage websites. For professionals, it offers many customization tools that make developing almost anything in minimal time. It has more than 60,000 trusted customers, which speaks for its success rate itself. It focuses on building websites with high performance that load quickly. It has extended features that make it fully compatible with WooCommerce site-building.


5. UnCode Theme



Uncode Theme



UnCode is an excellent choice for WooCommerce, magazines, and blogs. It enables you to customize the theme elements while keeping the characteristics untouched. It has a juiced-up Frontend Editor for creating a visually impressive website. Its Wireframes section has more than 450 templates that help you build a website as you like it.


6. WoodMart



woocommerce theme



WoodMart highly impresses corporate and business-related customers. 400+ templates in the library work towards developing flawless multiple product shop websites. It has full AJAX shop filters along with drag and drop options. WoodMart is an SEO-friendly theme. It has unlimited customization options, which is why it is one of the most rated themes.


7. Rey Theme



Rey Theme



Many customers are looking forward to building an eCommerce website gaze upon Rey Theme. Rey Theme offers powerful integrations into WooCommerce and Elementor. It comprises AJAX navigation, filtering, searching, and presentation capabilities. It has Google and Adobe integration along with powerful Elementor extensions that provide unlimited flexibility. This theme is responsive, SEO and developer-friendly.


8. XStore



xstore theme



If you are looking for a theme that can make your website stand above others, then XStore is for you. It can help you build a virtual shop online with its numerous tools available. One of the key features includes a 360-degree product view, which enhances the user experience, and is really effective. Its design includes over 500 pre-build blocks that help create a highly customizable shop online. It has full support for Elementor and is an ideal choice for Single product based websites.


9. Impeka



impeka theme



Impeka is a very simple to make theme that requires almost zero coding skills. It guarantees that your website will be fast, optimized for SEO, and fully responsive. It gives you choices of handcrafted elements for Elementor and Gutenberg.


10. Litho



Litho Theme



Litho is especially used for making a portfolio, blog, eCommerce, and business niche sites. It is suitable for any kind of website virtually. It has templates for home pages and attractive elements to go with it. Litho gives healthy SEO results and loads fast.


It was a glimpse of some of the best themes to choose from, to make a website which is profitable and impressive to the eye. Although there are lots of themes available for WordPress, you can choose the best one according to your project requirement.