Top 5 Mobile App Features That You Must Not Miss for Better User Experience

Top 5 Mobile App Features That You Must Not Miss for Better User Experience

The time people spend on mobile apps daily is growing rapidly every year. According to recent research, an average adult spends around two and a half hours on a smartphone. Out of which, the majority of time is spent on social media, streaming applications, and other core functional applications like maps, phones, and messaging. Mobile app features play an important role here!


For brands, the online market is one of the best places on earth to grow. The opportunities to attract sales in the online market never end. The strategy to succeed here is simple: you have to engage your consumers to shop for your products. Despite being simple, growing a business online is no child’s play. 


First of all, there are over 2 million-plus apps on the Google play store and iOS store; hence you have to outshine in a highly competitive environment. Secondly, designing an effective mobile application is very difficult. So, to help you guys out, we have an ultimate compilation of the 5 best mobile app features that can help you create robust mobile apps. Here we go!


#1. Minimize Search Effort and Share “To the Point” Information:


There are lots of apps providing tons of information related to a specific field in the digital age. You have to be prepared and defeat the best when the concern is about mobile applications. Provide users with a search option and filters to guide them directly to what they’re looking for. It will significantly increase conversion rate.


Provide to the point information because Modern age users know what they want; hence you have to sell them what they need. To effectively win the market, you will have to make users understand the need for your product. You might bring in some advanced technology in your application, but it doesn’t matter if your users don’t have the information or knowledge to use it.


Minimize Search Efforts Providing Search Filters



#2. Provide Better Utility & Unique User-Experience than Web App Version:


One of the prominent reasons why the majority of brands launch their applications is copying market policy. If you want to make a mobile app because all your competitors are doing it, then it is evident that you will end up wasting both time and money. 


When creating mobile applications, it is paramount that you understand the difference between an app and an e-commerce website. Firstly, users don’t need similar applications in their app; hence your app must be unique, which users must prioritize to retain. According to recent research, people tend to uninstall or delete applications that they can browse on the internet. 


You must provide utility or value to your customers through a mobile application. It might come in the form of service or mobile app features that they cannot find on the internet, or it can be an entertainment utility or enhance the user experience by reducing the time they used to spend on other apps. The success formula in mobile applications is quite simple: you have to be unique and elegant to be successful. 


Keep Mobile App as Priority while designing UI



#3. Keep Things Simple:


When the concern is about engaging consumers in a nutshell, you will have to keep your mobile application easy and simple. One of the leading reasons people delete a mobile application is that they don’t want to use it anymore because the user interface is quite complicated. At the same time, your app’s retention chances are also low despite being in use consistently. 


Minimizing stress and clicks is the only way you can improve your chances of retention. For example, you can use the Netflix app, which delivers an incredible user experience across all streaming devices. Users can easily find their interests and can enjoy hassle-free streaming. When creating mobile applications, you will have to understand that users don’t have to mouse and keyboard for navigation; hence you will have to limit clicks and boost swipes. 


Keep the Mobile App User Interface Simple



#4. Provide Personalization Using AI, ML:


To verify the importance of customized experience, you can pick 5 of your favorite mobile apps from your phone to find out how much hard work brands are doing to provide customized experiences. In order to win in the highly competitive market, you will have to prioritize personalization. You can use various demographics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence trends or take help from a data analyst who can help you understand different users’ behavior patterns. For example, Spotify offers the best personalized user experience by offering the best song recommendations. The algorithm used by Spotify has marked a crucial space for personalization in the digital world. 


Customized Experiences Is All You Need



#5. Battery Optimization (One of the Effective Mobile App Features):


There are amazing mobile applications available on both Google play store and apple’s iOS store. Unfortunately, they remain unnoticed because they drain a lot of the device’s battery. When building a mobile app, you will have to install the right battery preservation techniques to help your end-user. 


Work on Right Battery Preservation Techniques


At the end of the day, your mobile application must live upto the expectations of your users. All your features and navigation must be user-centric, login & authentication details must be secured to win the market. 


Creating an app is not as easy as a child’s play, nor is it as difficult as rocket science. Building a robust application requires creative minds and technical proficiency. We, Bofin Coders specialize for Mobile App Development. We blend Artificial intelligence, creativity, and the best skill-set to carve some of the best apps available on earth.