Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Focus in 2022

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Focus On


According to the Boffin Coders 2022 research,  Mobile is the key to digital media success. The use of Mobile Apps has been increasing day by day.

Due to increasing demand, various new features and trends are emerging in Mobile App Development. Boffin Coders provides free consultation for converting your idea into a Mobile App.



Here are Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends


1) Making Apps for Foldable devices

The foldable display is a smartphone app development concept that will transform the business in 2021. Mobile app developers will face a number of challenges as a result. The usage of a folding display means that screen sizes will vary instantly in response to user actions.It will make mobile app development more complex. However, for Mobile App Developers, it will offer up a wide range of opportunities.

Apps that can take maximum benefits from the foldable devices are Video streaming and gaming apps. They can increase their screen size or can provide extra space for more information.  Thus, developing the apps keeping the screen in the mind will be one of the biggest mobile app development trends in 2021

According to a 2019 survey conducted by USA Today, 17% of iPhone users and 19% of Android users are interested in purchasing a phone with a foldable design.

2) Increased Use Of Chatbots

Chatbots are required by more than 50% of buyers while doing online shopping. This is a perfect way to make a good relationship between customer and seller. There are millions of apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple Play. But few apps are using chatbots. This will be going to change in 2021.By 2021, chatbot integration with mobile apps will have advanced from a basic to a competitive level. With 80 percent of businesses expected to employ chatbots by 2021 and users enjoying fast and accurate responses, integrating a chatbot into your mobile app is a significant business opportunity – and one of the key mobile app development trends to watch in 2021.
Chatbots can be proved very beneficial in many ways.

For Example, Andy in English is the perfect chatbot to learn English. This Telegram Chatbot can speak on any subject in English and help you in improving grammar mistakes. When you want, you can chat with Bot.


3) Beacon Technology

Consider the following scenario. You’re looking for a specific pair of shoes from a specific brand or model on Google. However, you must personally try them on.However, while you’re driving to the stores, the app on your phone displays you which stores offer the things you want, as well as their price and other details.
It’s just not a good idea. It’s achievable thanks to beacon technology.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals are used by beacons. As a result, when the phone enters a beacons zone, the associated app gets the signal immediately and provides users with relevant notifications and instructions.

Apple announced Beacon Technology in 2013 to offer consumers relevant information and recommendations via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. Since Google’s Eddystone Beacon Technology was announced in 2015, mobile app developers have been exploring new methods to integrate Eddystone into Android applications.

Beacon is one of the most exciting mobile app development technologies, with huge potential in fields like mobile payments,  travel, gaming, and healthcare.



4) Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are rapidly gaining popularity among users. Whenever we need to manage a transaction, we no longer need to spend in cash or type in our account information.
All we have to do now is link our bank accounts to a mobile wallet app. Then, using the mobile wallet app, we can send money to anyone. The payment process may be made smoother and faster by integrating payment gateways with mobile wallets.Many mobile wallet apps, such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, and others, are already very popular. As a result, it’s past time for mobile app developers and businesses to incorporate mobile wallets into their apps.


5) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality now has dominated the gaming industry, and it’ll only be a matter of time until this mobile app development trend spreads to other areas of our lives.
Apple, for example, developed ARKit, a development framework that allows app developers to rapidly and easily integrate augmented reality (AR) features into their apps and games by utilizing the device’s camera, CPUs, and motion sensors. This function may be used to analyze the layout of a room, precisely capture space and depth, and even reproduce an 80s music video in AR. Likewise, Google’s ARCore allows consumers to get a glimpse of the impending mixed reality revolution. Users should expect a slew of AR-based app concepts to emerge in 2021 and beyond.




It’s a major step to incorporate these trends into our phones. For that, you’ll require the services of an experienced mobile app development business. Boffin Coders is an excellent pick in this regard.