Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Adopt in 2023

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Adopt in 2023


The new year is here and it is time to analyze the strategies that work for the business. It is time to plan the future and what additions can help business thrive in the year 2023.


By the year 2025, an expected rise of people using smart phones will reach 87% . You can turn this year into an opportunity to implement new plans and keep working on those strategies that work best for your business. Let’s start with learning the current trends in Mobile App Development.


Top 10 Trends in Mobile App Development


Here are a few trends in technology that are empowering the mobile app development these days and you can look at them as an opportunity to grow yourself.


1. Mobile Edge Computing


This trend will improve the availability and accessibility of mobile applications. It will help improve the latency issues with the current mobile apps. It is estimated that 90% of cloud usage will drop down to 25% with edge computing.


Cloud computing is reliable but cause latency to enterprise data. With new technology and available bandwidths, one can conclude that cloud computing is not a long term solution anymore. This is where edge computing is necessary to bring cloud closer to the user and store computing solutions get stored locally to reduce the latency. It will enable more location-based services and fits well with the other new technologies such as 5G.


2. Instant and Progressive Web Apps


Many users think twice before downloading an app. They wish to check the features of the app first hand, but they don’t want to spend time downloading it for testing.


Instant apps are in trend as they enable users to get the experience of using the application without actually downloading it. Sometimes users want to use a specific feature of the app, or have a one time trail. Progressive Web Apps allows them to use the entire/specific features of the app on their browsers. It not only saves their time and data usage, but also ensures that only interested users are downloading your app. It helps reduce the negative reviews on app stores as well.


3. Blockchain-based Applications


Blockchain is the best technology that you can utilize for keeping data secure and improve the privacy aspects of the mobile app. It ensures decentralization and and maintain record of transactions. It is efficient in keeping logs and help with banking data greatly. It helps with keeping the personal data safe and can be considered a reliable resource for IoT.


4. 5G Network and Technology


Since most of the apps run with cloud databases at back-end, the internet technology plays a vital roles in reducing the latency. The newly introduced 5G technology will enhance the accessibility and usability of mobile applications as well.


The 5G technology will reduce latency and impact the online traffic we see today. The introduction of this technology gives rise to IoT based applications as well. The better internet speed will also reduce the battery usage and let users stay longer on the app.


5. Low Code App Development


It is better to make an early move in the market if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors. The low code app development will help you release an early prototype or a small scale application quickly. The low code technology is easy to update and quick to code.


You can create a MVP with drag and drop options to develop an app quickly. You can keep on updating your app later according to the user needs. The low codes are easily modified as new modifications do not hinder the working of the previous code and you can release a single code on multiple mobile platforms.


 6. Extended Reality and Mixed Reality


The trend is shifting to some advance forms of AR and VR. XR and MR are changing the way we used AR or VR. With the help of technical gears, they can merge reality with virtual graphics to give the user a real life impression of the product.


This technology is helpful in showcasing the products to the users without installing a real showroom. It also helps with giving experience of going to a location without leaving their homes.


7. AI Chat-bots


Chatbots improve the customer interaction by communicating with the user on behalf of the business owners. It provide instant solutions to the users and remains available every time.


The improvement of AI chatbots improves the user experience and  in 2023 it is likely to see almost every business using it. It provides instant customer service and also helps with marketing the business services.


 8. AI and Machine Learning


AI is changing shape of the marketing and application usage. A smart way to grow business in 2023 is to adapt according to the advancing AI technology and implement it to your application. AI can learn about the customer activities and predict their choices. It will help you market your products and services to the target audience only.


It can also help you with you inventory management and notify you about the changing trends in the market. It help with analyzing the user demand and you can update your services according to that quickly.


 9. Security-first Applications


The increase of cloud usage rise a concern among users regarding their privacy and data. The user data is saved online and most of the transactions through applications are not trusted by the users very easily.


It is necessary to build secure routes for the users to enter their data while keeping their experience at high quality.


 10. Fold-able Devices


The development industry has already adapted to tabs and cross-platform applications. But there is a new trend in the market, the fold-able devices. These devices change their layout according to the screen size an user is using.


Fold-able devices have made their way in the market from quite some while and cannot be ignored anymore. It is likely to see more fold-able device users in the near future, but right now there only a handful of applications that are compatible with these devices. Applications such as reading apps are common but there is room for many applications especially build for interactive screen sizes.


How to Plan App Development in 2023?


When you build an app, there are many factors to look upon. Here are a few factors to consider in 2023 while developing an application.


7 Steps to Plan App Development


Step 1 : Requirements


Analyzing the trends and demands in the market gives you a fair display of requirements for your application.  Determine the technology to use and platform to start with. Include all the features that are not available in the market yet and attracts more users.


Step 2 : Bring a Solution


You have to plan that how you can provide maximum features while maintaining the complexity of the app to the minimum. The app should be easy to use, yet should serve as a solution to the user demands efficiently.


Step 3 : Flow Charts


Sketch a visual guide that goes from a start point to the end while analyzing costs and areas for improvement at every step.

You can build a prototype and then create the final interface for your app.


Step 4 : Coding and Development


It is the phase where you have to make essential decisions. The technology you are using and the features you chose should get built the way you want them. The overall cost may exceed your planned expenditure when new features are added to the code.


Step 5 : Testing


An app must go through numerous testing phases to rectify any flaw in services and security. There are professional testers for this job, to ensure that the app works the way it is planned to work.


Step 6 : Marketing


Many new techniques have emerged in recent years to reach a large audience in minimum time and at low costs. You can budget for marketing in the target location to get maximum results as soon as you launch your app.


Step 7 : Feedback and Updates


It is necessary to listen to the user concerns and make changes to the app regularly to meet the user demands. Active feedback help you to learn more about the market demands and add features to your app according to them to ensure growth of your business.




This year is the time to move your business online through the mobile platforms. You can reach out to users on the devices they use daily. Plan according to the demands and help users to get features they are looking for in the market.


After learning the top trends you can enhance the user experience of using mobile applications and make a stable stand for your business in the market before your competitors.


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