What is a Super App? What are the criteria that differentiate an App from a Super App?

What is a Super App? What are the criteria that differentiate an App from a Super App?

Any platform-based business gets its hands on utilizing most of the features an app can provide. As studied, 70% of the companies relying on apps have shifted to Super Apps. Today, companies focus on providing customers with a multi-purpose platform that makes purchasing products quick. Do you wonder what a super app is?


What is a Super App?


A web or mobile application that can provide multiple services, such as payment and financial transactions, to act as a self-contained online commercial and communication platform is a super app. They cover many aspects of personal and commercial routines. The first app to come up with such features was WeChat. Once WeChat started distributing the services to customers, it didn’t take long to get over a billion active users. It provides a platform for messaging, eCommerce, and payments. Soon, the trend was recognized globally

What are the criteria that differentiate an App from a Super App?


Let’s examine other factors that distinguish an app from a super app. Here is a list of them:


  • It’s Inclusive


The online audience comprises different age groups, genders, and technical knowledge, for which a super app provides equal opportunity for accessibility. The inclusive nature of the super-app makes it usable for people with disabilities, such as impaired vision or hearing. The inclusivity of an app shows the empathetic approach of a company towards its customers. It helps to connect the app with the physical world more.


  • It’s socially responsible


A company can influence users to adopt an environment-friendly attitude. The idea behind creating a super-app is not only to ease human life but also to contribute to nature. A super-app considers how a job gets completed along with what it has to do. For example, a delivery or cab-booking app provides electric vehicles to support ecological sustainability. Companies now think of adapting ecological ways along with making profits.


  • It provides Data Privacy


Using biometrics and facial and voice recognition has become a common way of authentication, aside from using passwords. The growth of financial transactions online attracts hackers. The super-apps prevent many cyberattacks with their multiple authentication methods. Millions of users make online payments daily without the threat of theft. It is all thanks to the companies that focus on strong authentication in their apps and keep upgrading their shielding methods. Companies take responsibility for securing user data and assets, like sensitive data and money.


  • Third-Party Integration


A super-app has opened doors for third-party apps to integrate. It helps customers access multiple offers from different apps in one place. Third-party developers can create mini-apps that can be added to a super-app. It benefits the super-app by adding more services to its database, and the third-party app gets a platform with more users. It also helps users access services across multiple companies within a single app.


What Makes Super App Better


  • Mobile Experience


Mobile apps are always known for their small size and regular updates. Now, the super-apps provide a variety of services in one place. The advancement in the mobile experience with financial transactions and other services saves time and money for the customer. Traditional apps focus on displaying their services, and customers make extra efforts to avail of these services. A super-app gives beginning-to-end assistance to the customer while purchasing a product.


  • Access to Multiple Markets


A super-app is like a market for companies that provide similar products. It helps to spread the product in a region quickly, and the rise in popularity of super-apps allows for profits. From the customer’s point of view, it is simple to compare different markets and choose.


  • Unbanked Transactions


Paper money and paperwork at banks are becoming less common. Super-apps make money transactions quickly and error-free. Online transactions are popular among smartphone users, and the count has increased dramatically since 2020.


  • Bill Payments


You can track your household bills with a super-app and make payments without missing deadlines. The benefit of a super-app is that it notifies you when bills are due, which acts as a reminder to make all your payments on time.


  • Health and Insurance Services


It is a wonder how super-apps reduce the need to visit different locations. Users can access health assistance or get insurance through their applications. You can upload documents from the app and make payments online. While sitting at home, you can have personal benefits, and the app will also assist you with choosing optimal coverage options.


  • Cab Booking


You can book a ride from your location to any desired destination without waiting for a taxi while standing in the street. A few companies provide an option to choose eco-friendly electric vehicles. The super-apps allow the companies to adopt such ecological measures for their services.


  • Government Support


An app that connects millions of people is considered essential by the government. Super-apps ease the daily life of a person, which the government appreciates. The government encourages people to engage more with the super-apps since they benefit the user and the environment. The government can monitor money regulation and circulation better with online transactions.




In conclusion, we can say that super-apps target a large audience and cover huge regions. It reduces the risks associated with the product launch, and small companies can spend less on developing and marketing their mini-apps. It verifies users with an online Know Your Customers, or KYC, service. It generates a genuine and long-lasting link between a business and a customer. When it is clear that the super-app has good customer engagement, there is enough room for all companies contributing to the super-app to make profits. Every time you integrate a new service into a super-app, you increase the chances of attracting more customers to your business.


All financial transactions are transparent and preferred by customers, companies, and the government. The government promotes the use of super-apps as it is financially profitable and works towards environmental sustainability. Boffin Coders considers super-apps future technology that can help any business grow better than expected quickly. We like to face challenges that come with newly launched technologies and look forward to putting our expertise into making your business grow with app development ways that prove their worth in our daily lives.